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This is my GCSE piece, it is meant to be a Samurai suit. I made it out of a t-shirt, photographs, modrock, an ensemble of paints, cardboard and thick card. I personally hate it, but I hope you enjoy it, if you don't then I will fully understand.

Step 1: Starters

Firstly, I placed a purple t-shirt onto a mannequin, then trimmed off the sleeves. Then stapled cut photos onto shirt, and modrocked over the edges, which sort of cemented the pics onto the shirt. Painted modrock brown, and mixed paints to get the right purple to go over the shirt parts that were smudged by the modrock.

Step 2: Skirt

I bought thick card, and cut into little square pieces. Painted them silver and stuck them onto black painted cardboard, which was then glued onto edge of mannequin with hot glue gun.

Step 3: Extras

After glue dried, I tied another t-shirt over skirt. The shoulder plates were most annoying and difficult. They're essentially 2 big photos, with edges covered in modrock. Hope you like my photo instructable, and if you don't I will fully understand.


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