GE Advantium Microwave Halogen Lightbulb Replacement (Do It Yourself)


Step 4: Bulb Replacement

Picture of Bulb Replacement
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Although the picture is poor, if you look inside the unit you will see a small shiny reflector that hides the bulb. If you place a flashlight in the microwave pointing up, it will be easier to locate the bulb. The reflector is simply a "pinch fit" into the unit. Sqweeze it a bit, making sure not to bend it and it will come right out where you can work with it.
atomicbelay4 years ago
Thanks a million for this! I have one question , what is the two prong object on the left connected to the two wires (1 red) ? I unplugged it by accident and spun it with the side of my hand. Will it make a difference how i reconnect? I dont want to have a "Lethal Weapon" moment and incorrectly connect the wrong wire.
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putnamcs (author)  atomicbelay4 years ago
Sorry I have been so late to reply. I can't remember the name of that part that got disconnected, but several years ago, mine failed and I had to replace it to keep the microwave working. At this point, you probably have already determined the how to reconnect it and have come up with a solution. I think it may have been called a thermocouple but I am not sure if there is a polarity to the device. I would guess not since the prongs are not different sizes. I'm glad this instructable helped and I appreciate your kind comment. I hope everything works out for you.
I just did this and got a 25 watt bulb from home depo. It's bright and looks great. Made by Feit Electric, 2000 hour life supposedly.
Jason B Jason B4 years ago
Here's a pic of the 25 watt bulb in action.
Jason B Jason B4 years ago
Full shot of kitchen...
putnamcs (author)  Jason B4 years ago
Make sure you take advantage of the fruits of your labor (and the money you saved) and take yourself out to a nice dinner.
lalogan6 years ago
Thank you! GE was very unhelpful and made it tough to get a hand in there to change the bulb. You made it easy (and saved us the cost of a service call to replace a bulb!) and we appreciate having that info. Thank you again.
You can usually find helpful exploded view diagrams and order parts by entering your full model number here: http://tinyurl.com/gv383
ted_sd7 years ago
Got the bulb out (it was bad). Unfortunately discovered the small 1x1 piece of glass under it is broken. Any idea where to get a replacement? Part number etc
putnamcs (author)  ted_sd7 years ago
I consider myself lucky that I have only had to replace the bulb. I have never ordered any other parts. I have found that the Sears parts store both in town and online, can usually get me any part I need. Online, you might even be able to find an exploded diagram of your machine. Sears calls the machine something else, but they are basically identical.
ted_sd7 years ago
WOW - absolutely amazing. Thank You BTW my fan continues running after the food is done when I use the micro express mode - any ideas?
putnamcs (author)  ted_sd7 years ago
Than you for the comment. As far as the fan goes...What I have noticed is that when 'I' use the Advantium for an extended amount of time, the fan comes on automatically to cool the unit (I cannot make the fan stop at all). This happens most often with foods that create a lot of moisture. As far as a connection with the micro-express mode...I have no suggestions. Sorry.
Arlene8 years ago
Thank you so much....you saved my sanity...it works!