This is an instructable on how to make a wall climbing robot using impeller technology. The goal of GECO (a research project from Ghent University) was to create a low cost, diy wall climbing robot.

Our solution uses the following parts:

- EDF ducted fan (70mm - 1,45kg thrust) (XRP-70142600)

- ESC (60A 2-6S)

- Lipo battery (2600 mAh)

- Arduino Uno

- Motor Board (L298N)

- Micro motors (Pololu 1595 - 1000:1 - 6V)

- Wifi module

- Ledstrip

And uses the following techniques:

- 3D printing

- Lasercutting

Step 1: Assembling

The zip file contains the 3D CAD models of the GECO robot. This way you can add or adjust parts from the robot.

It also contains a pdf file for lasercutting the base out of poplar wood (4 mm) and the cover out of pp (0.5 mm). After this you can 3D print the stl parts (PLA).

Everything is designed so assembling is easy.

<p>When I download the zip folder for programming I get an invalid zip for the folder and I'm not able to open the folder</p>
<p>This problem is solved ;) enjoy!</p>
<p>Thank You</p>

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