So you are one the us geeks who were always searching for cookies shaped like Donkey Kong or soap shaped like computer mouse? Well search no more, because you can do all of this in house...I present my series of GEEK silicone molds easily done in your own home with awesome 3D print technologies...

For the first GEEK mold instructable I've chosen the Star Wars Stormtrooper mold for "casting" ice "cubes" or chocolate or anything else you can think of - the cool thing is to fill the mold with some fruit syrup and have some improvised popsicle...

UPDATE: please 3D STL model of Stormtrooper attached below - I totally forgot to add this in case someone wants to 3D print it by himself...

Step 1: 3D Model/sketch

As always with 3D printing, you can not do anything without 3D model created by 3D modeling or 3D scanning - I use Rhinoceros for all of my modelings but you can use anything you like - there are bunch of free modeling tools out there so go and explore. One thing you need to take care of, when talking about 3D printing, is creating a so called "water tight model" or WTM. 

This WTM in plain words marks that your design should have no holes and "leaks" where water could came out if in theory you would fill it up. You should not have objects without volume (plain surfaces or curves) - everything needs to be a solid so the printer can make it. 

The best way to make sure you have no errors (holes, overlapping triangles, bad edges, etc) which could affect quality of the print, is to use some of the specialized softwares for 3DP preparation - a good free solutions are MiniMagics and MeshLab.
<p>Very, very cool. </p>
are you from croatia? where did you get 3d printed model?
@tutdude98 - yes I'm - actually I own a 3D printer (Zprinter 450) - the one which can produce full color parts in powder based technology but I'm hoping to get a Makerbot R2 very soon.
@GEEK design - Is there powder based silicon technology in colors rated as &quot;food grade&quot; according to EU standards? (For instance, the artificial food color designated &quot;blue no. 1&quot; was found to be such a deadly carcinogen in proper scientific testing, that all the EU countries banned it 20 years ago, but they still put it in practically everything you can put on your skin or eat here in the US, unless it's certified as organic. or &quot;non-GMO and All natural&quot;.) Since I would like to 3D print things that are not poisonous if you put it in your mouth, freeze ice in it, serve food in it, wear it, handle it or touch it, I would like to know if you can recommend a source of 3D printer - powdered silicon in colors rated food safe for the EU. Thanks! :)
do you know where i can get 3d printed model here in croatia? or maybe laser cutted
Možeš i jedno i drugo kod mene! Javi se na geek.design.3d@gmail.com
javim ti se u inbox na instructablesu :D
Tnx MrCool...;)
I am your #1 fan <br/>@GEEK design
O well good luck then<br/>Do they at least take votes into consideration?
I voted for u cause you ALWAYS make the best stuff<br/>Geek on my friend
Tnx MrCOOL, your support means a lot to me, as if it would meen for anybody who is trying do create something different and new. However they do not decide based on the votes but an independant jury selects the bests ;)

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