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I saw this micro105 drone by punkkills on instructables and had to make one myself. I wont duplicate his work on the electronics and such. His ible is really detailed so check it out using the links to his ible and profile above then start with the basic frame.

After making simple mods like the little skulls on the motor housing I decided to go off the deep end. My son had modeled a Geo Metro for one of his video games.

Why? you ask... Well the Geo was the first car he ever had. His Aunt Eletra gave him the Geo when he turned 16. He's had a half dozen other cars since that time but over a decade later and he still has that Geo on the road.

Step 1: The Geo!

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Its built using the radio from a Hubsan X4 and some 8mm motors. All pieces were 3D printed on a Printrbot Metal Simple. I could have paid better attention to the motor wires but I wanted simple and quick repairs.


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