GESTURE controlled Arduino based Rover ( Wireless + Line Following )

Picture of GESTURE controlled Arduino based Rover ( Wireless + Line Following )

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What is it capable of ? 
1. It can be controlled using gestures.
2. It can Send temperature , object distance , battery level , etc. values to the glove ( LCD ).
3. Can run on 45+ degree angle.
4. Tx Rx pair on both rover and Glove ( for bi-directional data transfer ).

Why to use joysticks to control you robot when you can control it by the gestures of your hand ! This robotic Rover works on 433MHz Band RF Modules (ASK).

The remote is modified into a GLOVE which is equipped with

an accelerometer (ADXL335)

16x2 LCD display

8 button keypad

and a transceiver

The rover and glove is based on ATmega328 P which is used in Arduino Uno as well ,


ROVER UNIT ( I've named it TITAN :D )

1. ATmega328P

2. Custom made arduino compatible robotic controller

3. DIY FTDI cable ( USB to SERIAL )

4. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder

5. 2 x Optical sensors ( to convert it into a line follower)

6. 2 x custom 30 Amp Motor drivers : MAKE YOUR OWN MOTOR DRIVER

7. 2 x 150 RPM & 5 kgf-cm torque DC motors

8. 12V SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ) Battery 1.2 Ah capacity

9. 4 x Track wheels and Track belt

10. Acrylic sheet chasis ( i used 4mm thick sheet )


Gesture GLOVE :

1. A Glove

2. ATmega 328P based board

3. ADXL335 accelerometer

4. 16x2 LCD Display

5. A 8-button Keypad

6. 433Mhz Transceiver

7. Some headers and ribbon cables


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AdityaM56514 days ago

can you name the 8 button keypad cuz i cant find it on ebay

electro18 (author)  AdityaM5655 days ago

You can't get it on ebay because it is a custom made board , you can make your own keypad using a 74hc595 shift register and 8 buttons.

AdityaM56516 days ago

Is the FTDI cable a USB to 9 pin Serial cable

And should i buy both the Atmega328p and the arduino uno board

electro18 (author)  AdityaM56511 days ago

Yeah , the FTDI chip ( FT232RL ) creates a virtual COM port , i.e. simply converts USB signals to serial ( 9 pin ) .

AdityaM56514 days ago

do you know where i can get 3. DIY FTDI cable ( USB to SERIAL )

6. 2 x custom 30 Amp Motor drivers and

8. 12V SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ) Battery 1.2 Ah capacity

electro18 (author)  AdityaM56514 days ago

1. You can get the USB to serial converter ( FTDI cable ) from any local electronics shop. If you're able solder an SSOP-28 package ( FT232RL chip ) then you can go for a DIY board too ( just ask me for the .brd files if you want )

2. If you're using low current motors then you can use an L298 dual H-bridge IC but for high current motors you'd need to buy or make your own BJT / MOSFET motor drivers.

3. It isn't mandatory for you to use a 12v SLA battery . You can use a LiPo battery or even a bunch of NiMH ( nickel metal hydride ) batteries ( depends on your motors ).

AdityaM56514 days ago

And can i use the same board used for the rover in the glove

electro18 (author)  AdityaM56514 days ago

The board used in the glove is just a compact form of arduino uno. You can use any microcontroller based board in the rover and the glove.

AdityaM56514 days ago

can you name the 8 button keypad cuz i cant find it on ebay

electro18 (author)  AdityaM56514 days ago

You can't get it on ebay because it is a custom made board , you can make your own keypad using a 74hc595 shift register and 8 buttons.

AdityaM56516 days ago

should i buy the the ATmega328P and the arduino UNO board or only the board

electro18 (author)  AdityaM56514 days ago

The UNO comes with a microcontroller with arduino bootloader so there's no need to buy another atmega328p but I recommend you to keep a spare bootloaded atmega328p in case you accidentally fry your on-board microcontroller.

sarvesh71 month ago

how can we make it just gesture controlled

i mean without other sensors and that lcd, or can you please give me another link of a basic gesture controlled robot ( i am new to arduino )

electro18 (author)  sarvesh71 month ago

Well , if you don't want the sensors, LCD and all the extra stuff then you can just rebuild the programs ! You'd only require an accelerometer , a couple of MCU boards , a 433MHz RF pair ( or even the HC-05 bluetooth module ) and a dual motor driver ( and some other components that I can't remember just now ). If you need any help then feel free to leave a message.

uh....i didnt understand

do you know any web site for that

electro18 (author)  sarvesh71 month ago

Nope , I don't think that you'd get this project on any other website. But if you're new to Arduino and you're unable to build your own programs then I recommend you to start from something simple and basic. Because to make a real " gesture " controlled rover you'd require at least the basic programming and hardware skills ( while working with raw accelerometer data and strings ).

what shall i start with???

but it should be something awsome

electro18 (author)  sarvesh729 days ago

You can't just start with an Arduino and "pop up" with some awesome idea. You'd have to get well versed with all the different control structures and some basics on how to use sensors and handle raw analog values. Working with the default IDE examples is a great way to learn arduino basics and enhance your logic building skills !

gsandhu21 month ago

I’m working on a project which is about making a rescue
robot . I have struggling with it for 4 months and now all the mechanical works
had been done . but I’m facing difficulty in make the robot to work with rf
module can u plzz help me…

I want make transmitter and receiver that can control the
motion…I mean that receiver should have control 8 dc gear motor and each dc motor
should have a forward and backward botton to control the motion ……can u kindly
help me with this project ….if u can make the circuit board diagram for the PCB
….or any other suggestion plz reply me.

electro18 (author)  gsandhu21 month ago

Are you using a microcontroller ? If yes, the you must download the "virtualwire" library for arduino. This library allows you to send strings ( max 27 characters ) from the transmitter to the receiver . You can use a multiplexer ( CD4067 ) which can take inputs from 16 buttons ( 8 for forward and 8 for reverse ). You can even connect 16 potentiometers and control the speed of all the motors.

If not , then you can use encoder and decoder IC's with the RF modules (but they provide less channels).

robobot31121 month ago

thanks for mentioning that uno is basically atmega 328 p

electro18 (author)  robobot31121 month ago

Technically , Arduino Uno is "NOT" an ATmega328P coz it is "BASED" on an ATmega328P . The Uno is a microcontroller development board while an ATmega is a microcontroller ( IC ).

so you mean uno compatible microcontroller is atmega 328p

electro18 (author)  robobot31121 month ago

Well yeah , you can say that.

robobot31121 month ago

awesome .

electro18 (author)  robobot31121 month ago

Thanks ! :)

aasrith1 month ago

is 1 arduino uno enough for the rover or do we need 2 because one instead of the atmega 328 and one instead of the custom made board

electro18 (author)  aasrith1 month ago

You'd require one arduino for the rover and one for the glove.

FYI : The custom made board acts as a base for the ATmega328P so the ATmega328P is actually the "heart" of the custom-made board.

aasrith1 month ago

what is the atmega 328 p board

electro18 (author)  aasrith1 month ago

The board is just a home-made replica of the Arduino Uno ( with an ATmega328P bootloaded with Arduino bootloader using another Arduino as ISP ) . I made this board instead of using an Arduino Uno because this board has ready-to-use sensor jacks and motor driver pins + it also has an in-built RF transceiver module. So basically its a hassle-free Arduino Uno but anyway you can use an Arduino as well.

Koung001 month ago

Is says, under Rover Unit part's list in the Introduction, that I need a "Custom made arduino compatible robotic controller"; do I have to make one or buy one?

electro18 (author)  Koung001 month ago

You won't find the board in market coz it's a custom-made board . There's no need to make a new controller board , you can use an Arduino uno as well

( but be sure to watch the correct pin numbers ). The custom made board is just an Arduino Uno with some extra jacks and in-built RF transceiver

Alright thanks for the clear up!

vbhalla3 months ago
Mail me at and if you can send me your skype or some other id where i can easily contact you if i need some help thanks
electro18 (author)  vbhalla1 month ago

Hey there ! Sorry for the delay ! but I've emailed you the .brd files for the board . Be sure to check you inbox.

aasrith1 month ago

the programs in win rar are opening in note pad

electro18 (author)  aasrith1 month ago

Maybe that's because you don't have the Arduino IDE installed on your PC.

Follow these steps to open the programs :

1. Download the latest Arduino IDE from it's website and install it

2. Extract the entire folder from the archive

3. Without renaming the folders just open the .ino programs

aasrith1 month ago

how do you program the rover ????????

electro18 (author)  aasrith1 month ago

Well , to program the board which I've made , you'd require a FTDI cable

aasrith1 month ago

that's a very good project can you please tell me where did you find the parts you need

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