GESTURE controlled Arduino based Rover ( Wireless + Line Following )

Picture of GESTURE controlled Arduino based Rover ( Wireless + Line Following )

What is it capable of ?
1. It can be controlled using gestures.
2. It can Send temperature , object distance , battery level , etc. values to the glove ( LCD ).
3. Can run on 45+ degree angle.
4. Tx Rx pair on both rover and Glove ( for bi-directional data transfer ).

Why to use joysticks to control you robot when you can control it by the gestures of your hand ! This robotic Rover works on 433MHz Band RF Modules (ASK).

The remote is modified into a GLOVE which is equipped with

an accelerometer (ADXL335)

16x2 LCD display

8 button keypad

and a transceiver

The rover and glove is based on ATmega328 P which is used in Arduino Uno as well ,


ROVER UNIT ( I've named it TITAN :D )

1. ATmega328P

2. Custom made arduino compatible robotic controller

3. DIY FTDI cable ( USB to SERIAL )

4. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder

5. 2 x Optical sensors ( to convert it into a line follower)

6. 2 x custom 30 Amp Motor drivers : MAKE YOUR OWN MOTOR DRIVER

7. 2 x 150 RPM & 5 kgf-cm torque DC motors

8. 12V SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ) Battery 1.2 Ah capacity

9. 4 x Track wheels and Track belt

10. Acrylic sheet chasis ( i used 4mm thick sheet )

Gesture GLOVE :

1. A Glove

2. ATmega 328P based board

3. ADXL335 accelerometer

4. 16x2 LCD Display

5. A 8-button Keypad

6. 433Mhz Transceiver

7. Some headers and ribbon cables

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robobot311223 days ago

how am i to connect so many sensors on one arduino?,wont they take too much of power. Otherwise can i use breadboard.

electro18 (author)  robobot311223 days ago

Using a breadboard won't do any good. It would rather make the rover bulky and hard to rewire. Using a custom board would just ease the process. The power consumption won't be affected by the mode of connection ( except for the resistance of traces / breadboard connectors ). As long as you have an appropriate power source capable of delivering required current to all the peripheral sensors, you don't need to worry much.

Abdul49828 days ago

I am very much interested in this project

but i am confused in the circuit

could you please send the circuit daiagram of it

electro18 (author)  Abdul49828 days ago

I've attached the (.sch) schematic files on step 2.

jasilva171 month ago
electro18 (author)  jasilva171 month ago

Sure , it will !

robobot31122 months ago

i am having a doubt with the code. I am attempting this project without the extra features (only gesture control) I have downloaded all the libraries but i get an error on the axis glove .How can i exclude the libraries and remove the lcd from the code?

and i also am having trouble finding a different code as everything wants an encoder.

how can i code it . could you help me out?

give me yr email i ll send that improved code

you could send it to me as a private message.

cant send files in that

I got the code, I made my own using liquidcrystal. Thanks for the tip.

use liquidcrystal insread of shif lcd.
shaksham2 months ago

hey bro i am in trouble i dont know how to generate a source sode and one more thing is that i have to make a major project using arduino so please help me to suggest a name of project using arduino so that i make using its instructions..please help me..

electro18 (author)  shaksham2 months ago

Well I don't get what exactly you're longing for , but if you need the source code then I've already uploaded all the source codes ( .ino files ).

tanay can i use liquid crystal instead of shiftlcd
electro18 (author)  navneetcsgowda2 months ago

Yes you can use the LiquidCrystal library.

PaulBeaudet2 months ago

Links to libraries? Thanks!

electro18 (author)  PaulBeaudet2 months ago

Thank you!

electro i need yr help
electro18 (author)  navneetcsgowda3 months ago

Feel free to ask !

bro plz contact me using
whatsapp: +91 91 9164569398
electro18 (author)  navneetcsgowda3 months ago

I suggest you not to leave your cellphone number on a public website , you may contact me through Instructable's Personal Messaging.

can i use arduino mega instead of that
electro18 (author)  navneetcsgowda2 months ago

Yes you can.

whats that
is it ok with u
i wanted to ask u some questions but not here
Marzogh3 months ago

Good one mate! An accelerometer based glove is just what I needed to control my Mega based robot. Have you thought of sticking flex sensors on the glove's fingers? They could probably help fine tune the commands sent to the Titan. :)

electro18 (author)  Marzogh3 months ago

Well , that's exactly what I was gonna do but unfortunately I couldn't find any flex sensors for that ! The glove was expected to have 5 flex sensors for each finger and every command was supposed to have a unique gesture. Thanks for the suggestion though ! :)

Marzogh electro183 months ago

Anytime! :) Have you thought of getting a robot into the Autonomous Vehicle Competition? Its a lot of fun!

On a different note, its good to see that electronics hobbyist stores are taking off in India. Trying to find a soldering iron for hobbyist use was a big deal back when I lived there - about 10-15 years ago. :)

P.S. or

electro18 (author)  Marzogh3 months ago

Sure I'll try to get into the AVC ! Yeah , but still some parts are hard to find in local electronic stores. And thanks for the links , looking forward to upgrade my rover with a bunch of flex sensors and bluetooth modules ! :)

what ll be the approximate expense of this project

electro18 (author)  yeshwanth.sai.5033 months ago

It will be around INR 4500 - 5000.

kapararakan4 months ago

Good day! Can I ask for the .brd files? My e-mail address is Thank you.

electro18 (author)  kapararakan4 months ago

Greetings ! :)

Sure, I can send you the board files but they are kinda unorganized ( both the layers ) if you face any problem with the layouts , feel free to ask !

P.S. I'm working on a newer and improved version of the board ( trying to fix some power related issues ) , so I'll try to send the layouts ASAP.

It's fine if they are unorganized. Can you just please send them? =] Thank you so much

electro18 (author)  kapararakan4 months ago

Hey ! sorry for the delay but I've sent the files to your email ID ,be sure to notify me when you get them :D !

Pranay_J4 months ago
I loved your project. Can u pls tell me that does this rover also turn and what are the codes to program the UNO.
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