So you've built something that needs a bit of air to run, you have a few options from your own breath to a full on workshop compressor. Here's a way to build a budget compressor for powering up small air powered gadgets. Here's what you'll need:

1, Bicycle pump
2. Air bed adaptor
3. 300mm of 6mm ID fexible pipe
4. 1/4" x 6mm hose adaptors x 2
5. 1/4" BSP tee
6. Clean petrol can
7. 1/4" BSP Tap
8. 11.5mm drill bit
9. Electric Drill
10. Plumbers PTFE Tape
11. Pipe grips

Please be safe and make sure you use a clean petrol can with NO remaining fumes as you will probably blow yourself up. Also be careful with tools and keep clear when it's all pumped up so a fitting doesn't fly off and hurt you - wear goggles and keep safe!

Step 1:

Picture of
Step 1 - Vessel Connection

Next I drilled a 11.5mm hole in the petrol can cap and then ran the 1/" BSP tap through it. The actual size for 1/4" is 11.8mm but 11.5mm gives you a nice tight fit for the tee. If you are fro the US you can use NPT fittings instead of our good old British Standard Pipe thread sizes.
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