Step 5: Carve That Sucker!

Our neighbors at the Exploratorium were kind enough to get us a HUGE pumpkin to carve Tetris into. I made a timelapse video of hollowing out each pumpkin. Finding a good flat orientation took a little bit of work. I used masking tape to mark off where the grid should go.

Don't try and use an electric carving knife for this job - I found that the best tool for the pumpkin carving was the cheap-o carving knives you get from the grocery store. Using a nicer knife proved to be unwieldy. The tiny serrated pumpkin knives were perfect.



For the LED holes, I used a 13/32" drill bit. 

I used an exacto blade to carve out the front of it, and slowly shape allllllll the squares into the pumpkin. Be careful when using all of these sharp implements, I sliced the back of my thumb when the blade flipped out of my hand from applying too much pressure.

Carving delicately into a pumpkin is a lot like working with soft clay.  A light touch goes a long way.
This is the best.
Your a champion.
The time lapse is awesome! So happy this is finally up :D

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