GIANT ROBOT From the Anime Madness at Mokuba


Introduction: GIANT ROBOT From the Anime Madness at Mokuba

This is my 9 foot tall home-made Giant Robot costume. It weighs 120 pounds, took about 250 labor hours to complete, and is mostly made of recycled building materials, hardware, and styrofoam from computer boxes. The top part is constructed on a tripper's backpack frame. The bottom is more complicated and involves hollow box pieces connected by rubber strips that act as joints. The feet are large reenforced blocks of foam with ski-boots mounted on them. They boost me up over a foot higher, and the larger costume extends about 2 feet over my head for a total height of nearly 9 feet. The largest version is nearly 10 feet tall, and i have plans for a 12 foot high version. Here are some statistics:

Max Height: 2.75 meters (~9 feet) (driver height 1.82 meters/~6 ft)
Max Reachspan (arm to arm): 3.00 meters (~10 ft)
Max Reachheight: 3.50 meters (~11.5 ft)
Shoulder Measurement:1.5 meters (~5 ft)
Foot Measurement: 0.60 meters (~2 ft each)
Total Max Weight (without driver): 55 kg (~120 pounds)
Total Max Weight (with driver): 145 kg (~320 pounds)
Right Arm: Working Claw (grasp range: .30 meters or ~1 ft)
Left Arm: Working Gun (pyrotechnics firing range 2-4 meters, 6-12 ft)
Mobility: fully jointed at elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, waist
Accessories: chem & LED lighting, sound effects systems

I also made the 2 Spacegirl Warrior costumes in the second photo. Hopefully this inspires some creativity on the part of viewers. Happy Halloween!



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    4 Discussions

    Chicks dig giant robots :P

    Looks like a mix between Alien 2 (when Ripley fought Xenomorph queen) and Dexter's Lab exo-suit.

    Look like the Machine from Matrix movie.

    Fantastic costume you have! I like the "giant" part of it.

    Thanks for sharing!