Everybody heard about PhotoShop, extremely useful editing tool. Less people know about GIMP, a free alternative with numerous powerful features. Unfortunately GIMP seems too complicated to beginners and in this instructable I will show how you can instantly use it for simple editing of your photos, graphics, scans etc. I will use a real life example, very familiar to so many bloggers.

I occasionally collaborate at a blog, dedicated to vintage illustration, and we decided to present several illustrators of legendary Water Babies to wider audience. One of today almost unknown, yet in his times extremely popular artists is Edward Linley Sambourne (1844 – 1910). Author of text is Charles Kingsley (1819-1875). This very same book was first published in 1885.

According to the date of publishing and death of both artists the text and the illustrations belong to Public Domain. Whole book is available online:


All pages are scanned and can be downloaded in JPG format:

Step 1: Crop the Image!

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