this is my 303 sniper rifle it can shoot about 38
meters. this is my fist Instructable please comment

Step 1: The Barrle

follow the pictures
im stuck on the trigger can anyone help?
no scope please make one
like the gun but to flimseeeeeeeee
Yeah it is a pretty good instructable jim.
Love the spelling. Barrle. nice instructable though jim
what is your friend's mom's jacket doing in your room?
i just wonder lol
?????? oops didnt mean to ad that. um... No Comment?
lol.... no, seriously... Why is it in your room?
lol. its at my freinds house and it's not in a bed room
okay. But it sure looks like a room...
To think there are two kinds of Killerk copies these days. It's a shame. It really is.
the first kind of killerk copy is acctually a [your name here] copy by the way
hey the name is a copy of the ak-47(its a real gun not a knex gun)it's not a copy sr-v1
i dont mean this gun, i mean the bad tube and stick guns aren't killerk copies, they are your name here copies
i mean your name here copy
hey i did <em><strong>not</strong></em> copy the killerk sr-v1 i use a similar tequnique to hold in the bullet but apart from that its a totally original idea, just like ronald ruck and ricky rouse<br/>

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