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I'm back?

I remember when I used to be very active on this site.  I still have a tab open to Ibles 24/7 but lately I've only been going on that tab once a week.  Many of you might have noticed already, but I've been posting increasingly less.  When I was new to this site, I remember when I posted 1 gun a week, and that was when I only had enough knex for just one meager gun.  As I got better I slowed down to one gun a month throughout 2009, and then one gun ever few months.  Now it's one new knex gun a year. Go figure.

I think my decline can be attributed to several things.  School's an obvious factor, although I have a light homework load.  The fact that I cannot access my /you page is probably another factor.  I think the biggest one is that I've moved on to gaming if you've been keeping up with my Youtube channel.  I've been making gaming videos, and editing montages, and I've had lots of fun doing it too.  The last one I edited has had a fair amount of success, about 600 views in it's first week of release (not on my channel lol), and lots of acclaim for the editing.  I might do some Sony Vegas tutorials but they won't really be conventional tutorials.

You can Check the montage out here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVQi6KLg_UY

Anyways, this was a pistol I made one day last month when I accidentally skipped school.  If you've kept up with my Youtube channel you'll have already seen this, but anyways, the handle was inspired from TheDunkis.  The trigger was a creative mix of both TD's Oodassault trigger, and TheRacker's ZKAR trigger, which allows for the pin to have a very massive draw in comparison with other pistols.  I haven't properly tested this gun, as I've lost my supply of rubberbands somewhere, but it's cleanly built and it should be very reliable.  I've lost a lot of creativity over the years and I'm dry of ideas.  However, I do have one last gun planned, but don't expect it anytime soon. 



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    Good old time when i use to be ALL over this site, then got into highschool, and got a job, now working fulltime and i just never feel like doing anything, i just started on my own gun yesterday. brings back good memories man, glad to see im not the only one still messin around with knex

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    I don't have any knex anymore now that I'm in college, I'm way too busy to build anything anyways and my interests and hobbies have also shifted. I haven't built anything in like 3 years lol, this was the last thing I ever made.

    K'nex... ain't nobody got time for that. Life man... else I would be building with K'nex.

    Honestly I'm not even interested in building anymore. I've been editing Halo videos for the past 5 years now and I actually want to edit professionally for a studio now.

    K'nex... ain't nobody got time for that. Life man... else I would be building with K'nex.

    You're a bit late man. I've moved on to Youtube. Same channel as I've been using since 2008. My hobbies no longer include Knex and ibles doesn't offer any support for this hobby like Youtube does.

    You know what, I may just have one last crack at something too. Time to dig my K'nex out...

    I really like the way you did that trigger, good job. This looks like a fun gun to mess around with, kinda like an oodammo pistol but easier to load.

    yeah ive been getting on once a month, i havent even touched my knex in so long. I still have the burrito masters sniper laying under my bed from like a year ago.

    Post! I always wanted a turret gun which wouldn't take up all my pieces (i built the ZKAR v2, a hunting rifle and a cannon and a pistol)
    I'm glad you're back!

    Mkay, no problem. You should see my G36c soon. I'm just finishing it up, but the reason I built it was because I couldn't think of any innovative ideas. Not because I'm some cowadooty freak, even though I do enjoy the games.

    I thought school would be closed due to a report posted on the local news website. Turns out it was false. Idk what happened but rumor had it the site was hacked.

    Ahhh I gotcha. Well its a good thing that website got hacked or else we wouldn't have this. Good, simple gun. I am looking forward to your next project.