Picture of GLAMOROUS Fallen Angel Wings
We've all seen them: white, fluffy angels at Christmas time, their gold-painted, aluminum halos on their heads and store-bought, feather angel wings slung gaily down their backs as they sing carols, hymns, and jolly Christmas tunes. Well, being the non-conformist that I am, I thought I would teach you all how to construct another king of angel- the fallen angel. These slightly tattered-looking wings arch up and have a wide wing span resembling the wings of turkey vultures. Of course, I decided to add a twist to this as well by making them BRIGHT PINK and adding some rhinestones, but you could always go for the more conventional dreary, black look if that is more "you." These gargantuan wings are also strapless so the wings look like they are coming right out of your back! It will seriously freak your friends out, not to mention delight, amuse, and fascinate kittens. You can also tweak this tutorial to construct the more conventional down-turned angel wings, or anime-style, short, perky wings. You can extend the design (and use thicker wire) in order to make absolutely HUGE wings. The possibilities are numerous. Have fun with the design and make it your own!

Having made wings on my site for 10 years now, been featured in Maker Fair 2007 and the Maker Fair DVD, I thought I'd give back to the community that has given me so much by sharing this FABULOUS feather wings tutorial. Like a good sloppy joe, it's messy but a lot of fun. And unlike a sloppy joe, you can wear these wings out on the town for Halloween, photo shoots, weddings, or to spice up dinner parties. Enjoy!
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is there something i could use instead of felt?
ive seen a tutorial using chicken wire as the base
HoopAngel3 years ago
wow!! I was thinking about making wings for my halloween costume but I found these ones and I think I am going to make them.. thanks!!!!
LOve the rhinestones.... Too! Beautiful wings.
Where did you buy feather's? I can't find any in the shade I like
sharkman926 years ago
you are pretty
She looks a lot like Kari from Mythbusters in that photo.
janiemw5 years ago
How does one clean these wings?
:D They're perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! I've been looking everywhere for a way to make wings for my costume and this is just perfect! *glomps* Uno question much did it cost? A guestimate would be great
Actually not much at all! The main expense is the feathers. The goose feathers were, I believe, $5 a bag and I bought 6 bags of them at Pearl. The wire was only $6 for a 200 ft. spool at Cole Fox in SF (we love Cole Fox and the nice lady who does their awesome window displays). So I'd estimate with the other materials they'll run you less than $40.
Would it be rude to say that I think you're beautiful?
Love it! how cool me and my friends like love the book maximum ride, so these wings say, send some to "max" our friend who moved away, we are aways do maxride projects and sending them to her lol
Maxride ROCKS! And so do these wings.
I love your name -
well, for my taste, there a little too small, and too pink, but that looks easy to change.
becauseican5 years ago
great ible. not to be a bible fiend but the bible says nothing about angels having wings or even having a form at all. actually some scriptures say angels are made of light.
IrisLinnae5 years ago
the wings are beautiful and so are you! thanks for the 'ible i've always wanted to make some dark angel wings! :)
acidXxqueen5 years ago
Hey! I liked your design so much, I made a pair for a wear-white party in Regina. put up pics when they're done ;]
Perfect costume idea. But I, being a guy, wouldn't go for the pink. They're going to be bigger and black and grey.
I'm doing the same thing to add to the wardrobe in the movie I'm making.
lol funny
Thanks, I guess. I wasn't trying to be funny, but if you think it's funny, then good for you.
maid636 years ago
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhh she's pretty
wupme6 years ago
I thought about buying such wings on an onlinestore (pretty expensive those things), need them for a photoshoot coming up. But now i think i'm gonna make them myself. Just in really huge and red with black, because the theme asks for it.
punkatsub6 years ago
i may make a black version of this.
ismailkumar6 years ago
omnibot6 years ago
Oooohhh .. pretty. My sweetheart will love theese. ThanX!!!
that avatar is sick! where did you get that, or, what is it from? i'm not aiming to steal, i'm happy with mine. i'm just looking for some background to it. did you make it yourself? i'm going to google omnibot now.
Yer . I nicked the name of an oldtime favorite-toy-I-never-had but the avatar is all mine. Thanks.
well, i see you have a web-site and a couple of old robot toys named after you.
Sunny1246136 years ago
nice,great for a party or a hall-o-ween thing w00T w00T
Wiilittle6 years ago
The person who made this kind of looks like Kari Byron.
Nice job, turned out well.
chunya6 years ago
amazing idea!
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Well, I personally would make them bigger, and darker, like gray and black feathers. Still, it's a really great 'ible.
It's funny you should say that because the original sketch I had was for some gigantic black ones, but I changed my mind when I got to the craft store and saw the pink ones (; I love large wings but they're really hard to maneuver and I wanted something small enough to wear out.
Yeah, I have human-avian on my list for Halloween costumes, but I didn't know how to make the wings, so I'm definitely going to do that now.
Post pix plz. (;
I will, it's dark and cloudy around here today, so I might start the outline.
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