GLITTER SHOES -Recycled from ugly worn out looking shoes

Picture of GLITTER SHOES -Recycled from ugly worn out  looking shoes
This is my first Instructable so bear with me. I have been debating whether to enter in the contest or not and I think I will even though I would say I wasted some plastic bags in my process, still I feel that I rescued a pair of shoes so I guess that is the trade-off this time. I didn't know about the contest when I did the project.

Here I will show you how to rescue some ugly shoes and transform them into a princess girls dream shoes. I might note too, that I have seen glitter shoes for kids and regardless of the price they usually last for a couple wearings before the glitter falls off and they become ugly, this could be a way to restore them or just create your own out of some hand-me-down shoes you think are ugly to begin with. I loved this project because I didn't go out and BUY anything for it. I checked the garage and my craft stuff and found all I really needed to rescue these shoes.

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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
you will need:
-shoes that are begging to be rescued from ugliness
-all purpose spray adhesive (you could probably something else but I haven't tried it)
-Glitter (I used tiny glitter because it's what I had, but any should work)
-masking tape and plastic bags for taping off the shoes

Step 2: Tape off the shoes

Picture of Tape off the shoes
shoes 008.JPG
shoes 004.JPG
shoes 011.JPG
Push plastic bags thorough clean/dry shoes to cover the inside, and wrap it to the underside to protect the shoe from glue overspray. use tape to mask off the sole and keep plastic where you want it and out of the way of the spray area. I think one could use paper instead but I used plastic bags to be sure none of the glue got through to the parts I didn't' want glue. If you were doing a pair of tennies or other closed shoes I would just fill them with paper and tape off the sole/lower edge.
smoore183 years ago
Thank you soooo much! i was having a hard time trying to find adult ruby red slippers for my Dorothy Halloween costume and this will help!
how do you keep the glitter from falling off? is there any sort of finish you could put on i t, sort of like mod podge but one that would stay on shoes?? thanx...♥n
I'm going to try this tonight. thanks for posting. @squeaker1342 I'm planning on spraying some semi-gloss clear cover.
mandrew34 years ago
This is a really cool idea that even my 12 year old would love to do. Thanks.
paper sack ideas (author) 5 years ago
A coat of clear spray paint should help keep the glitter from falling off, but I found that after burnishing the glitter into the glue with the back of the spoon it stayed pretty well, the shoes were outgrown before they got ugly again. :-)
BoxOfAshes5 years ago
Aww, they're soo cute.
i know someone posted a comment about how you can paint them with clear varnish ??? could someone test that to make sure it would work?
kellimaier6 years ago
Oh thank you...not even two weeks into summer break and my kids are climbing the walls. We are going to make some glitter shoes ( among other things) and end the boredom.
cookula6 years ago
You could also mix the glitter with PVA and paint it on. The glue dries clear and makes the idea even less expensive. My mum did this with her ballroom shoes when she scuffed them to continue their use, especially if they were super comfy.They looked gteat!
Limadito6 years ago
You can paint the shoes with clear varnish to prevent glitter failling off. Nice work!
paper sack ideas (author)  Limadito6 years ago
wow that sound like a great idea! Thanks!