Hello all you hackers and modders and whatever! If you have played the game "Portal" , then you already know what GLaDOS is. For the uninitiated, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is a passive-aggressive, female, narcissistic robot made by Aperture Laboratories, CEO Cave Johnson. GLaDOS, in the beginning, was a simple DOS-like prompt, though she turns evil and poisons the entire facility with neurotoxin. This is all a project in C++, and will be updated frequently.

Step 1: Coding

C++ was my code of choice as it is: Easily compiled using G++, fast, and supported on Linux, Unix, and Windows (ugh!). Though my bit of code is just a bit of while() loops and if-else statements, I also plan to turn it into a class/ header file to re-use in later projects. I currently have no commands built in, but plan to have more in the near-future. I have included the source code in the intro.

Step 2: Boring Copyright Stuff

GLaDOS is sole property of Valve Corperation( "Valve"), and I do not own, promote, nor deface Valve's property ("GLaDOS"). 
cant wait for you to make more updates also try adding some stuff like talking to glados and some security camera footage (video clips) like a cake factory and glados's room :)

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