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Introduction: 'Glowrious Rings' for Sale on Etsy

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Things you will need:


1. Wood

2. Epoxy

3. Mixing cups and sticks


5.Clear coat


1.Table saw/Miter saw

2.Drill with spade bit

3.Belt sander

4.Dremel with sanding drum

5. Sandpaper

6.Whole human body (for tools to use)

Step 2: Cut Thin Strips of Wood

Use a table saw or miter saw to cut two 1/8" thin strips of each species of wood.

Step 3: Mix Epoxy With Glitter

Add chosen glitter to a mixing cup and set aside. Begin to mix 2 part epoxy in separate cups. Once thoroughly mixed, add the resin to your glitter and stir.

Step 4: Pour Resin Over Wood

Lay wood strip on designated flat surface and pour resin, spread if necessary, covering the surface area. Let stand for a couple minutes to slightly cure and hold shape. Lay matching wood strip over top and let stand to cure overnight.

Step 5: Drill Hole

Once cured, drill a hole using a 5/8" or 11/16" spade bit.

Step 6:

Step 7: Cut to Size

Then using a table saw or miter saw, cut about 1/4" to the side of the hole that was drilled.

Step 8: Rough Shape

Using a belt sander, grind down all the corners to evenly shape a circle the best you can.

Step 9: Sand With Dremel

Now that you have the shape of a circle, attach ring to dremel using a 1/4" drum. Use tape or cloth if needed to ensure it fits snugly. Begin slowly spinning ring, sanding from 60 grit, up to 400 grit, to achieve desired shape.

Step 10: Clear Coat

After it's all nice and smooth apply your favorite finish and hang on a nail to dry.

Step 11: Finish

Wait till it's dry and woolah!! You have made yourself the coolest, most hip ring in town.

Step 12: Read If Ring Wasn't Hip Enough

Super hipified ring. Uses all the same pieces we just made.

Step 13: Cut Thin Strips

Cut thin strips of the pieces that were just made except cut them the short way.

Step 14: Glue and Clamp

Use wood glue and then clamp strips to let dry.

Step 15: Drill Hole

Drill your hole.

Step 16: Rough Circle

Use belt sander to get a rough circle.

Step 17: Sand With Dremel

Sand using grits 60-400 until it you have this.. Super woolah hipified ring!!

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    Gorgeous! Great job!

    Amazing can i you PM me??

    Hey, what a fantastic idea!!!! I wonder what the rings might look like using crushed gemstones.

    This looks like a fun, relaxing project! Thanks for posting!

    Can I ask how did you make the glow in the dark ones?

    No worries... Yes you are right thickness does matter as it needs to be the thickness of your finger plus some. This will be the face of the ring so at least 3/4" will do. As far as length it does not, the longer it is the more rings you can make. There was no finish on the pieces I started with. They are exotic hardwoods which may be sanded enough to shine like it has a coat.

    Hi! This is such a GREAT project and looks pretty easy to do! The rings are so beautiful! I'd REALLY like to try it but I'm kind of curious. You didn't mention the size of the pieces of wood that you should start with. Like the the thickness especially. I get that you cut them an 1/8" thick, but doesn't the size of the original piece of wood matter? I tend to be spatially challenged, in that I don't seem to be able to visualize in my head very well. (it can be a real problem! ;-) ) Also, in the pictures it looks like the wood pieces you started with had a finish on them. It might just be the way they look on my monitor, but if they did, I would think that wouldn't matter as you'd be sanding it all off, right?

    (I KNOW there are folks out there reading this that are shaking their heads and saying, "GEE WIZ! How dense can you be!!!") Sorry, but I just need the clarification...

    Great instructions. Have to try this!!

    nice, you could make matching bangles as well.

    Yes there is thanks folks appreciate it.

    brilliant, I really want to try this, so many possibilities!

    Very interesting use of glitter. At first I thought that was glass or shell in there!

    Thank you. Yes to get it to glow just add glow powder to resin.

    So, to get it to glow, did you just add glow in the dark stuff to the resin? I love the idea.

    These are brilliant! Very nice work.

    The epoxy layer is a pretty clever twist on all the DIY rings I've seen lately. Very cool stuff!