Step 13: Rock On!

The finished project in my effects chain. I may not be the world's worst guitarist but I bet I rank in the bottom 10 or so. That having been said you can sort of hear what this effect sounds like here:(warning: I'm pretty bad playing guitar now don't say I didn't warn you)


Or skip that and build one yourself. I think the only reason I play the guitar is to mess with electronics. Before anyone comments on just how bad I am save the electrons, I know how bad I am! But this overdrive pedal is bad too. Bad to the bone that is. I've heard what people who can play sound like through it. I want to hear what you sound like playing through yours so build one and Rock On!

If I have any left I'll patch the first person that puts up a picture of theirs and a link to an audio clip. You'll have earned it.
Could a BC548 be substituted in for the BC549 transistor?

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