Step 13: Rock On!

The finished project in my effects chain. I may not be the world's worst guitarist but I bet I rank in the bottom 10 or so. That having been said you can sort of hear what this effect sounds like here: (warning: I'm pretty bad playing guitar now don't say I didn't warn you)


Or skip that and build one yourself. I think the only reason I play the guitar is to mess with electronics. Before anyone comments on just how bad I am save the electrons, I know how bad I am! But this overdrive pedal is bad too. Bad to the bone that is. I've heard what people who can play sound like through it. I want to hear what you sound like playing through yours so build one and Rock On!

If I have any left I'll patch the first person that puts up a picture of theirs and a link to an audio clip. You'll have earned it.
Could a BC548 be substituted in for the BC549 transistor?
I'm going through all of my articles today to see what comments I have missed because this site no longer emails me notifications so sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. You probably have already found out by now though. There is no way I used a BC549 there. I probably used a 2N3904. The BC series are European parts designations but I live in the USA. <br> <br>One thing I have found working with transistors in audio circuits is they all have different current gain characteristics. So different transistors will sound different. Some transistors are designed with a sharp knee for switching applications and they're not suitable for audio applications. But among the transistors that are good for audio apps their gain curves can produce subtle differences in sound too. <br> <br>So in short try a bunch and see what you like. A project like a distortion box is really a matter of personal taste. Just about every part in this project can, and should be subbed to fine tune your tone. <br> <br>Why if it bursts into flame that could be part of the act too!

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