Introduction: GNSSMG200

Generic non shooting SMG #200.
I made two of them, because dual wielding guns gives instant swag.

Has all of the standard non-shooting gun stuff.




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mikmak wrm heb je deze nooit gepost en waarom heb je de video verwijdert jonge dame

Omdat het niks speciaals was. En ik heb zo'n beetje alle videos van dat kanaal verwijdert, omdat alles toch duidelijk is vanuit de beschrijving. Ik gebruik dat kanaal nu alleen nog voor die oude video van dat derp lied, en verder voor random onzin af en toe voor KYM.

it's a lot of fun shooting dual wielded guns, ain't that right? anyways, nice build :)

Hehe, probably. Never shot dual wielded stuff, or even fired a gun IRL at all, though.
Thanks :D

use yer airsoft rafica and barretta on single fire

He he, sweeet! If i had those, i would run around "shooting" things, tomb raider style.

Nice one, Doc. I love that you're one of the few who understand that building with K'nex isn't really about innovation, or about making them do something, as long as you're enjoying what you built. That, and to be good, it must be built well. This is certainly built well. Excellent job; just ignore the people who don't like it because it's a 'model.' :3

Did anyone say that they did not like it?!?!

It's not about what they did say, it's about what they didn't ... ;3