These are instructions on how to create a Go Pro chest harness for your little one.
This is my 1st instructable so please bare with me.
I always appreciate feedback so do your worst!!!
Thanks and enjoy...

Step 1: Items You Will Need Checklist

Sharp scissors
Exacto Knife
A tape easy to work with (I chose Electrical Tape)
A flexible measuring tape
2 sets of standard male/female plastic connectors
2 Lengths of 1" nylon webbing straps typically used with the clips on bags
A length of 1" elastics
A GO PRO flat mount (not pictured) 
A couple tubes of Super Glue ( In retrospect, I might have used a more workable adhesive like rubber cement or something)
A few pieces of paper used for the templates
For the main material you will need something tough, and something a strong glue will adhere to. That's important...
I used a 1' x 2' piece of vinyl canvas used in Cirque Du Soleil tents (it's weather-proof and bomb proof).
I would recommend trying to find this material, but I'm sure you will figure out something else that will work!

A little constructive criticism on your Instructable: In the introduction, you should mention what the GO Pro actually is (took me a bit of looking around to find the site.) In addition, you should tell why people would want to mount this camera to your kid's chest (security? fun kid's point-of-view videos? kid directed videos [maybe for a kid a bit older than your daughter], etc.) I like to add links (like to a description, or review, of the main item (the GO Pro in your 'ible) so that people who do not know about it can get more details than your quick overview. Obviously, your writ-up was interesting enough that I did do the additional research to fill out the details (good job there) - this is just a tip to make your 'ible a bit better. <br> <br>Nice first try - lots of pictures and good step-by-step. Well done here. <br> <br>A comment on your model - she is really a cute kid. That smile shows that she is already a ham, just waiting to get into the bigs. ;-)

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