My family and I just finished moving; out of town and back to the countryside so 2 little cub scouts can have plenty of room to explore.

After the dust settled a huge issue came to be. My nice new work shop building was filled with empty storage bins from the pair down.

Also I found the need for some yard storage.
AND my A3-8d Droid (see my $20 Droid build) was getting lonely.

With all this what is a feller to do??

Make a Gonk of course!

In this build ill show you how I made a Yard Statue of a Star Wars Gonk Droid from some cheap plastic containers and upcycled scraps of sundried items.

This statue also has storage space for yard tools and what ever else you fancy!

So lets start making!

Step 1: Gather All Your Junk

First thing you will need to do is see what kinda junk treasures you have to work with.

To copy my build you will need:
- 2 deep bottom storage bins of nearly the same size and style
- Lumber scraps: 2x4, 4x4, 2x6
- Corrigated tube (optional but nice)

You could use some gallon paint cans or the like for the legs if you dont have lumber available.

Aside from the major components if you have any small broken toys/electronics/bottles/-- anything with an interesting shape will do. These small random idems will he used to give the droid character in the paint and finish steps.
<p>Awesome droid. My son would love to have one of these in his room. </p>
Go for it! (This was a surprisingly quick build.)

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Bio: I work in industrial automation and spend any free time making.
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