Step 4: Step 4 Prepare, and Mix

Picture of Step 4 Prepare, and Mix
Check the temperature of the lye mixture, and the oil mixture. You want them to BOTH be as close to 110 - 125 degrees as possible, before you combine them.  That is why making soap in the winter is good. The lye mixture can sit outside to cool, or if your oils get too hot, you can stick the pan outside as well.

PREPARE the mold you are going to use. For this Instructable I used a silicone loaf pan that I bought at a thrift store, but you can just as easily use a cardboard box that you have lined with an open plastic trash bag.

I like sticking my mold in the oven with a large bath towel around it, and the oven light turned on. In the summer I put the soap in my hot garage. It just needs to be able to stay warm to finish the chemical reaction (saponification). So prepare that area as well.

Have the bowl with the castor oil, and almond oil within easy reach. Keep the coffee grounds handy as well. Keep vinegar handy.

Once BOTH the lye mixture, and the oil mixture are ABOUT 110 - 125 degrees put your GLOVES, and EYE PROTECTION on, GENTLY pour the lye mixture INTO the oils (do NOT pour the oils into the lye mixture) Stirring continuously!  Once they are combined, IF you have a stick blender use it now.....it will save you a LOT of stirring