Step 4: Step 4 Prepare, and Mix

Check the temperature of the lye mixture, and the oil mixture. You want them to BOTH be as close to 110 - 125 degrees as possible, before you combine them.  That is why making soap in the winter is good. The lye mixture can sit outside to cool, or if your oils get too hot, you can stick the pan outside as well.

PREPARE the mold you are going to use. For this Instructable I used a silicone loaf pan that I bought at a thrift store, but you can just as easily use a cardboard box that you have lined with an open plastic trash bag.

I like sticking my mold in the oven with a large bath towel around it, and the oven light turned on. In the summer I put the soap in my hot garage. It just needs to be able to stay warm to finish the chemical reaction (saponification). So prepare that area as well.

Have the bowl with the castor oil, and almond oil within easy reach. Keep the coffee grounds handy as well. Keep vinegar handy.

Once BOTH the lye mixture, and the oil mixture are ABOUT 110 - 125 degrees put your GLOVES, and EYE PROTECTION on, GENTLY pour the lye mixture INTO the oils (do NOT pour the oils into the lye mixture) Stirring continuously!  Once they are combined, IF you have a stick blender use it now.....it will save you a LOT of stirring
I made this but tweeted it a but and made it hot process and spit it in half. I did half coffee flavor and the other half cinnamon then piped hot soap on top then sprinkled with coffee grounds. smells just like cinnamon coffee!!
kinda strange looks like the soap I make,even the silicon mould is the same.<br>keep up the good work.
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thank you! great idea to use coffee. i will try this! <br><br>for everybody else making soap: when she says wear googles <br>WEAR GOGGLES!!<br><br>i made soap last summer and didn't wear my goggles when i was stirring the lye water mixture, and some splashed up and miraculously landed in my eyeballs and I ended up in the ER, and those retards had no idea what to give me (it was incredibly disappointing, they had no concept of pH values, no idea what lye or sodium hydroxide was, nor had they an eyewash station or dilution to neutralize the caustic chemical reaction that was continuing to damage my tissues while i waited for a doctor. they gave me 2 opiate eyedrops, and didn't tell me they would charge me $200 a drop. i would have done better going to a high school biology lab). 5 hours later i had micro tears in my cornea and pain-killing and antibiotic eyedrops that burned like hell! $2300 later...<br><br>to prevent this from happening to you - wear goggles. and if you're clumsy or accident prone like me - in addition to the safety glasses - have a gallon or two of a mild acidic dilution ready to dump on your eyes to stop the reaction (and THEN flood with fresh saline solution to neutralize your eyeball's pH) instead of flooding with irritating tap water for 60 minutes like i had to do because i didn't take preventative measures. <br>does anybody have any better DIY fixes for lye in the eye?<br><br>totally worth it though. homemade soap has no equal :)<br>
Nice job! I have actually used this recipe before and love it. Funny how coffee can take kitchen smells from your hands. <br>also glad you listed some websites for the lye calculators.
I love this! Thanks for sharing. These guys look so pretty and old fashioned! <br>Sunshiine
Thanks for saying so.....I REALLY like grinding the soap up (while it's only 24 hr old, and still soft) and making it into soap balls, but for some reason my DH only likes bars ;-( <br> <br>Next time I make soap I may tell him I'm making it into balls so I can do another INSTRUCTABLE! <br> <br>I hope you try this......you'll LOVE having it in the kitchen, and so will your family and friends, since you'll be &quot;sharing&quot; with them I'm sure!
I have made soap in the past but did not know of the lye calculator. I'm sure this will yield a nicer soap when finished.<br><br>I will probably give this a try since it is winter :)<br><br>Great instructable
BTW I lived most of my adult life in Colorado.......first in Colorado Springs, and later in Boulder County! I started making soap in Colorado will living out in the country! I also made my own &quot;stain stick&quot;, and laundry soap out of a &quot;lye heavy&quot; batch of soap, instead of throwing it away.......Now I wish I could duplicate it!
I found instructables a few years back when I was still living in Michigan. I love colorado and want to stay a long time.<br><br>p.s. I found this site that might be of interest to you as they have a soap vendor or two. denverurbanhomsteading.com<br><br>Peace, Bryan
I have never made it without using the calculator! Both of the sites I listed have great customer service. I've used several recipes from MMS, and have called them with questions......they're great! Both sites are very reputable <br> <br>IF you give it a try let me know how it comes out. I have another recipe ifn you're interested.......VERY creamy, and makes your skin feel super
I'm SO happy to finally be in the company of people who appreciate creativity as much as I do! I can't get enough of INSTRUCTABLES........YIKES that sounds a little &quot;stalkerish&quot;
Fantastic tutorial! Thank you for sharing this.

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