well first id like to say, gorkem gave me permission to do this.

ok this is the most powerfull crossbow ive made, infact its the most powerfull gun ive made so erm i suggest building it

i have added a few mods into it because it makes it perform better

*anyone who notices punctuation and spelling mistakes could you kindly point them out =D*

Step 1: First Step on Your Way to the Crossbow

picture 1: put 5 red connecters on a black/strenthened rod

picture 2,3 and 4: add a yellow connecter just like the red and put 2 red rods on either side, then add 9 yellow connecters through the hole like a skewer arranging them like the picture shows after you have done that add green rods to the yellows and then clip a white connecter on to keep them in place, add 4 more yellows and another green rod to the first one and then add a dark grey connecter then another white connecter

i made it . it's funny bud not powerfull i get 40 feet ...
It is a good crossbow, but it might help if you had clearer pictures and put all the parts in, instead of "Oh yeah, ad this here". Just a suggestion.
wats an alternative for those stuiped blk hands i dnt hav them ...
try using ball joint thing:)
I'm also having problems with black hands ... I don't have ball joint so what would be another good substitute for them ? Please reply to me fast I'm building the gun right now and I like to finish what I start ;)
urrgghhh im not that good at knex but the instructions dont really help cuz his instructions dont match the pictures cuz he sed in one part make a mirror image and in the next part theres completely differint pieces on it ... i hate these instructions so i just made my own
POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST no but really please post :D
it can shoot strait through a full can of cola .. it was crazy the 1st time i tried it if u want me to post and instructable , just reply t this and i may see because iv never seen another gun that can shoot strait through a full can at 7ft ... i want to see if gorkens sniper rifle cud shoot througha full can all the way with his spec black rod or sumfin but id say that it wud but in his movie he fires it at close range so it might not be as powerful as you think ... i wouldnt know iv never had the pieces to make it but i want to and as usual ... longest comment haha
Dude(ette)!!! post it
definitely post it!!!
you must post it. Also post the link on my account
Do I need the black ball joint ? Please reply fast I'm building it right now and i want to finish what i start ;). Thank you !
is it powerfull ? can it shoot to trough 2 cans ?
hmm looks bad . shoots he far?
dood this is awsume =3<br/>
Gorkemer didn't even have a Crossbow.
Yeah he did, he just never posted it. Go look at his youtube account, it has a video of it.
thers also a video on his sniper instructable.
damn thats a fat-looking crossbow!!! no offense 5 out of 5 :)
its a very good Instructable very good crossbow but 1 thing they are not called arms they are called limbs
Arms, limbs or bow. Either is correct.
pic #4 makes no seence :(
how to fire!<br/><br/>pull the trigger, simple<br/><br/>congrats u have made Gorkems <strong>sniper</strong> with my mods <br/><br/>GONGRATS!<br/>
spongebob weedhead avatar, lol
oh thanks =)<br/>
it was not very well built, sorry -1 try making it with a ram :)
ive made this it is really powerful but how do u make it fire sharpened rods?
That is what I was wondering because they just slip by the trigger...
it is well good
it just won't be a sturdy
this gun is sweet! loading does take take a while but if you add extra band its worth it. you can also make the stock from gorkems sniper rifle and put it on the back.
Hey, I built this and now I need help...taking apart. Any tips on taking the arms apart, they are pretty sturdy...stupdi white rods and geometric shapes.
erm there is no real way of dismantling it
i put some pictures of people i hate on a shoebox and fired this crossbow at it and most of them go all the way through. Doesn't even need sharpened rounds
cool! can it pierce 2 pieces of paper without sharpening the ammo? or pierce it from 20 ft distance?
Mine can pierce 5mm of cardboard
ummm thats good enough but from what distance?
a couple of feet
i want something that can pierce paper from 20 ft....
Yeah, with enough bands this can, but if you want heavy duty guns, try gorkems sniper. Or a BB gun :)
it can do that. It can go clear through cardboard at a few feet unsharpened. Paper at probably around 15ft
thats good!
i get paper from 40ft
with an airsoftgun... no really with what gun can you do that?
this one
well then i like this Xbow... but i wont build cause im not a fan of single shots. btw i have yet another concept in mind, on how to make a mag never jam (it is bottom loading) and it will not make a gun less powerfull. (0 resistance) its like a real gun but slightly different. ill try to make it in my semi.
without sharpenning
dude i built this and its good but i hate the loading it takes forever
dangit i had a hole jack of strong rubber bands on here and it ripped the limbs off and ii dont feel like re building it :P

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