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Step 1: HANDLE

Picture of HANDLE
Resim 054.jpg
Resim 092.jpg
Resim 096.jpg
lets build handle

Step 2: Butt of rifle

look and make like that

Step 3: Scope

Picture of scope
Resim 090.jpg
Resim 54.JPG
Resim 091.jpg
Resim 024.jpg
look and make like that

Step 4: Body of rifle

look and make carefully because you should make no mistake at this part !!!

Step 5: Trigger mechanism

look and make like that

Step 6: Barrel, magazine system ( the most important and sophisticated part )

the most important part of this rifle because making barrel and magazine is very hard and sophisticated , so look carefully !!!

Step 7: Sharpened bullets , ammo box , trigger locking and location of secret strong sharpened black knex rod

you can see where are the secret bullets

Step 8: Finally , look at my photos with my rifle and my knex crossbow

Picture of finally , look at my photos with my rifle and my knex crossbow
Resim 079.jpg
Resim 088.jpg
if you want to put me my crossbow i can put its instructions here easily ;)

my knex crossbow's video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGfL08Wl3Rk&mode=user&search=

WarriorBeast3 months ago

Looks Awesome.....wondering if you spent too much time on it......how long did it take to make?

hawk452 years ago
so awesome!
love the gun think you can help me on my bolt action 25 shot mag with grenad launcher (my problem is the triger) here is a link http://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/
KILLERK5 years ago
(mw2 reference)
DB2016 KILLERK4 years ago
not again!!!!!!!
Slashaar7 years ago
I am istimal a mütercim -e doğru yardım etmek sen anlamak daha iyi. -ebil sen yapmak a resim belki -den geçerek r||bitmiş}} boyamak ya da bir şey -e doğru yapmak a liste -in tüm parça gerek ve belki eğer senin -ecek -e doğru , bozulmak senin ateşli silah içine küçük sade parça -e doğru yapmak o hafiflemek için bizi -e doğru kurmak. Hope you can understand we need the help Gorkem. Thanks, Slashaar
TRheraklesTR (author)  Slashaar7 years ago
dude, i can't understand, write them english
god, if you post an instructable at lest reply when ppl ask questons you turkey
hey dude could you make easier instuctions please, its a bit to hard and i realy, realy want to make this gun cos its amazing
Sorry, tried using translator. The gun's great but it would help if you could set up a material list so we could see what all we need. Also if you would be willing to, break down your gun into simpler pieces so we could build it easier. Thanks, Slashaar
i cant follow the pics!! can you post something like step by step?
i know, really!
I agree this is vary vary vary ....... hard to follow
W trouble3 years ago
hello everyone! the next this weekend i will be building this gun. i have seen on other coments that people want better instructions for this gun. it will probably take two weeks to build and another week to set up the ible. i have never set uo an ible before so any tips would be helpfull.
By the end of october you will have good instructions on how to build this gun.!
out23 years ago
look good bro
out23 years ago
how many green rods in this gun?
Has anyone actually redone the instructibles yet? If so reply to this comment with a link thanks
TheKnexNoob4 years ago
I would LOVE to build your gun. But as MANY other people have said, PLEASE take it apart and give clearer steps. Thanks.
i would be glad to make it and post easier instructions if you want me to and if i get gorkems perrmission to
TRheraklesTR (author)  superbestknex4 years ago
yes u can :)
thanks i will give you all credit ill post them in a week
i built it from the pics, it wasnt that powerful
Thats cuz he had so many frickin powerful rubber bands
or you could ask him to make clearer pictures no disrespect gorkem your gun is the best
what is the most powerful knex gun ever?
Not a Rectangle.
Where can I find ibles?
i want 2 know the answer :D
anres3215 years ago
okay this is a very good sniper but can you make a bether instructable ??
good idea
Danielzxzx14 years ago
Having trouble understanding the instructions. Looking through the comments it looks like your not going to be remaking the instructions but it looks like other people are willing to do that. I would love for someone to remake the instructions more clearer since this looks like a really good gun.
Actually not that good. Its a block trigger mechanism also.
How far does it shoot? How accurate is it?
_kira_4 years ago
just made it. Its not as hard as you would think. These are actually pretty clear pictures. If anyone would want clearer instructions I would be willing to post.
Yes could you please post some clearer instructions? I really want to make this gun.
_kira_4 years ago
Guys, he won't take apart the gun and post it so stop asking. Its been years since he posted it. Nothing will happen.
ryry20114 years ago
you have a nice day
GDfense267 years ago
sorry but you must have like no life to build this gun, or is this your profession or something?
Be nice, it is just a hobby! Everyone has a hobby, knex building is his, just like a lot of people's.
good job defending yourself
Well said.
kevinvos4 years ago
AWESOME man i don't now better words to say it!!
jakestar94 years ago
i dont get the part where you put the elastic band around the butt ? am i ment to attach to the shoulder part where am i ment 2 put it???
robin944 years ago
can someone make a good scope?
jiplatuheru4 years ago
cant you do easy steps its allright for me but i think other people dont understand
well said i cant see kalf the pieces
koal14 years ago
little to old to be playing with toys
This has been overtaken now by the NAR
omg i love your accent
could you please post step by step instructions with a piece count becauseyour sniper is the best looking one ever ok i have build a stronger gun then yours ( it was a desert eagel pistol i have destroyed it since then it had 6 elastic bands bt it was so powerfull it smashed coffee mugs but the con was that it need a LOT of tape of the ram rod) but still me and loads of other people want to build it really bad so if you ever have a little time take it apart bit by bit and take photos so you know how to put it back together then post them pictures to instructables so we all can enjoy its awesome thank you wish you well for the future
joey995 years ago
say yes if you wont subscribe till clearer directions yes
Gabriel03415 years ago
Please, all the haters, stfu, its called a hobby -_-
sorry, but gorkem mate, you gotta disa semble and re asemble your gun if anyone is gonna bulid it. anybody agree with me? (btw the gun looks awesome)
I agree with the robtic chicken
joey99 King8255 years ago
I agree a millon times
me too
Furloy5 years ago
Dude, the gun is great, the instructions, well, suck balls. If you want people to build it, take it apart and build it again.
boy115 years ago
put instructions on youtube
spricer9885 years ago
y is every body obsessed about Gorkems sniper ... itz k but i just dont get y everyone is obsessed with it
They are not anymore. Last year, I thought tis was the best gun ever. Now, I've seen better. This gun is only good in performance. Not very good at looks and is really exaggerated.
joey995 years ago
Can you have more detaild instructions
knexfreak955 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA this is soooo funny this is still up here
poo2thegeek5 years ago
hey can i have a parts list please...... it looks good and for ages ive herd of it but i knew i wouldnt have the pieces to build it..... but recently i got a load more but i still dont know if its anouth
Yes afcourse , and my left arm is green ..
Smasher5555 years ago
Why in the hell would build a knex sniper that shoots shrpened rods? If the gun is powerful enough the bullet could go right thru u.
Try Work On Your English, and making your gun look better.
DJ Radio5 years ago
This was hot stuff back in 07, now nobody cares about it.  I can't really believe how fast legendary guns fall.  Someone might make a gun twice as powerful as an untangle next year, who knows...
I doubt it could be twice as powerful, maybe a little more powerful...
Doubt it can get twice as strong as SRv2 (1k feet).
MiniBr1t5 years ago
dont matter i used some yellows instead
MiniBr1t5 years ago
how many orange thing do u need
MiniBr1t5 years ago
how many yellows do u need for the long part not including the back back part
yamaha7005 years ago
hey crap hole try taking it apart and show the pieces apart like other people do. it looks like a good gun but its nearly impossible to understand 
I know this is way old, but its definetly not the strongest knex gun,LEVAATHAN-V1          LEVIATHAN-V1
sandmman5 years ago

This is probably the hardest part but if you focus and get going its actualy not that hard. It just looks quite "scary".
If you still cant do it, come back to this page again soon and i will have hopefully posted some easier instructions.

sandmman5 years ago
This is one of the hardest parts so heres a little help
sandmman5 years ago
Here is a few pic for help
I changed the amount of orange connectors and removed the uneaded grey bits.

Oh yeah, I have some weird coloured pieces.
sandmman5 years ago
I didn't bother building this. Its quite easy to build your own, simpler scope
as you can see on pic 1, i added the end of a BBQ skewer to help you aim, BTW i added blue tac to stick it on 
black ops5 years ago
Prranavan5 years ago
nice gun 5* but can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make the instructions a lot easier because right now it is too confusing
but nice gun
64runners5 years ago
dang.....thats cool......
sandmman5 years ago

daha kolay talimatlar olun olabilir, bu takip edemez

sandmman5 years ago

has anyone managed to do this part

sandmman5 years ago
nnnnooooooooooo!! :(      ive gotten so far and now this, oh my god, sob sob
Maxajax26 years ago
would be awesome if you could get a real scope onto it.
yeah, but maby thats a bit overkill, still be cool tho
sandmman5 years ago
i also think that it needs a more step by stem aproach, i can just about follow it but the handle took me about an hour to make
tyler19985 years ago
this is one of the best sniper rifles i hae ever seen im makinga pistol i found in to a beter  gun when i first started building it i looked horid but its brill now
 actually this gun is a piece of crap. Put "Z35" into the search bar and find the one made by oblivitus. it is INCREDIBLE. Also a member named DJ radio has Some awesome rifles. Also Killer safe cracker has some awesome rifles too.
Sexy1236 years ago
Yeah, i agree with everyone, it needs to be taken apart and shown how to make it in a video or alot simplier Thanks
5 reasons why this is better then the SR-v2 .it has a magazine .more power .uses less peices .more accurate .works more like a sniper
its more accurate cause it uses sharpened rods 
"more power"

Stoopid slap, this is less powerful than the SRv2.
5 reasons why the SR-v2 is better then this .shoots like 5 times better .more power .uses less rubber bands and no string .looks more innpresive and scary .shoots more like a sniper
sorry but these instructions are too easy to follow it`s simple if u need it taken apart u should be in a school not playing with knex
sukinmaru5 years ago
could you post instructions?
Stoopid slap, these are the instructions.  (although they suck lol)
gtrain6 years ago
it goes through stuff coz it has a pointed end...it's easy as to make guns like that i dont see wat is so special about it
well, there we go!
supermati86 years ago
killer sniper!!
only at very close range.
CuddlesMcT5 years ago
The gun itself has a nice design. Its sturdy and fairly accurate. However, the ammo is sharpened, which gives it a higher penetration chance than a regular rod
sharpened ends also make the back of the rods heaviest. it doesnt glide through through the air well as a result! -makes the range rubbish!!
Mace!6 years ago
Yeah, so it's powerful, but does anybody know how far it shoots?
DJ Radio Mace!5 years ago
300000000000000000 miles.
lol. Shoot it and like 10 seconds later you get shot in the back with the knex bullet
It doesnt shoot that far, I was joking. It shoots 40 feet in reality.
Jesus. DJ Radio5 years ago
thats kinnda pitiful
DJ Radio Jesus.5 years ago
Not in 2007, when this was posted.
linkkiller5 years ago
that is a good gun you have there
CuddlesMcT5 years ago
i prefer the morretie sniper over this one. its more precise durable. and it can pierce plastic and soda bottles WITHOUT a sharpened rod.
gtrain6 years ago
someone should make an ACOG scope like the one on Call of Duty 4 I might make one actually
my one looks boxy and dumb wah wah wah
NYPA6 years ago
gtrain6 years ago
it's not clear enough....but good gun. Is there anyone with a M40 sniper instructable? Someone please answer!
you really didn't want to take the gun apart didn't you?
jourybinken6 years ago
i can`t bild it its to dificult. you show only pictures of the gun.
Could you please make the instructions easier to follow. And by the way maybe you could add a parts list, so I no if I can make it. And do you need to sharped rods or can you also use normal rods. PLEASE HELP THE KNEX BUILERD TO MAKE IT.
m4r7in6 years ago
pls can you explain how you made that magazine? i soo wanted to made a succesfully semi-automatic gun
Blackbird176 years ago
how long did u spend making that thng?!?!?!?!
anzymann6 years ago
make better insrtuctions i cant make it plz
humpty956 years ago
can u make better instructions, it is really hard to make, not enough detail.
bannana16 years ago
i surrender u win dont shoot me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
holy crap. it was too hard to build yours so i built a modded sniper of yours.it can pierce through thick cardboard & a compact disk with a couple of rubber bands.i will put more rubber bands so can shoot thouth a soda can(s).
Lil Musky6 years ago
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Rating it 5 FREAKING *STARS* That was awesome how the stinking disk blew up in like a MILLION PIECES
dude, the knex gun's gr8 by ur instructions need to be a bit simpler, u should mabe try looking on knexguntutorials to see how they make the instructions. If u don't mind then that would be gr8, cheers!
kaynegabe6 years ago
What is the music in your video?
landvaarder6 years ago
could you PLZ make easier instructions, because i had to look at pictures others send to build the butt. that + the handle are the only pieces i have. PLZZZZ? ;(
Same here. U MUST make it EASIER. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz
bobbonought6 years ago
nice gun bu i dont likes the trigger
Mr. Cowboy6 years ago
Must be nice to have that much time and knex
billythebob6 years ago
can u plez break the steps down into tinnier ons pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
TigerNod6 years ago
Do you play the video game command and conquer generals?
poptart4326 years ago
dan i wish i could build it i made my own sniper that shoots 80 feet with 4 rubber bands its cool looking and strong and u put two bullets into the side then u can fire i may post it but i dont yet now how to use instructables that well
Where in the state missouri can i order/buy a medical rubber band?
simples www.ebay.co.uk
Simples...(meerkat noise)
Hey, thanks! But I'm afriad that thats out of the USA, right?
ye it is man but they post to u or u could try www.ebay.com
king10006 years ago
awsome! gun but pictures are too complicated but still good 5*
thats a sick gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
millions6 years ago
can anybody make me some clear instructions and ill post u the instructions for my rapid fire mp5 that shoots 125 feet with normal elastic bands
that is amazing try blowing it through cement
I'm impressed..
Alirocks16 years ago
Turn caps off
K-Dawg6 years ago
Nice gun
beameron6 years ago
jtotin966 years ago
dude beast tell us how 2 build it
i managed to build it but could only get it to fire 70ft
J4mm3r56 years ago
wish I had enough pieces...
me to
my gun is close to as big as yhat and power ful
My sniper is able to shoot a grey rod through cardboard with out sharpening it. that to, all the way through, and halfway through the other end!
my rifle could pierce a cardboard box with a blunt red rod and leave it sticking in!
really?!?! did you post it? i'm still working on mine, my mom doesn't really like me playing with knex, so i don't get to work on it much, but i have the barrel thing down, it is supposed to have a mag, but the mag doesn't work properly. :( Something i realized is that if you have a non sharpened rod, then it goes in depper. even though it has no piercing power, it can still separate the cardboard enough to fit through, and since the width of the rod is the same throughout, it slides through very easliy, wheras with a sharpened rod with piercing power, it has to have more power to make room for the next parts of the rod to fit through, make sense?
I put a video of it on youtube. search for my channel (same username) then look through the videos. in the vid the rod didn't stick in but you can see the damage it made before though
wow, your guns are pretty cool! don't shoot at the standee! just saying, but i wouldn't want to damage that! :) great guns man! funny vids too, i like the one where your friend climbs in the box and falls around! :P
ok, see my other guns on this site please!
when u have a sharpened rod the the sharp end has a smaller surface area so it will make a smaller hole and the rest of the knex rod wil slow down but with a blunt end the surface area is the same all alround the rod
some guy (dont remember who) posted a better insteuctable for it. He said it used 90 orange connectors 90!!
i had to break one of my constructions up to build all of it.
funguy294676 years ago
whos gorkem and y doesnt he post his own gun?
what gun are you talking about? his sniper rifle?
ya i typed in his name and only other ppl came up
His name is Gorkem but his username is TRHerakcles or something else
Is this as powerful as I_Am_Canadian's Cannon v1 or any other version for that matter
Are you going to answer me or just sit there gawping at your rifle?
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
ho far does it shoot ? because i have a rifle on isntructables ( looks good to ) and my gun shoots around 150 feet ! and shoots trouhg 3 cans ! so maby would you build my gun and test is wich is stronger... its better if you send a message on this syte...
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
i have made it to and he shoots bad ( i tink dat I made it wrong ) bud he looks good ! 4.5 *
yannyboy6 years ago
yannyboy6 years ago
how long?
yannyboy6 years ago
how many pieces
yannyboy6 years ago
nice gun
Rhino256 years ago
It is very hard to understand and the pictures are of too many knex each time
what the ...!?! how many pieces do youth got!?!
seriously to to hurt ya fealings lol but aint u 2 old to play with knex man seriousley u prob have a flat and a peoget 106 depressing lol joking but u are too old to play with knex but kepp making the knex guns i luv em
TOMNDAN6 years ago
post better instructions cause i cant build it
knexsniper16 years ago
What rubberbands does he use when he says white rubber bands
xxjulsxx6 years ago
Can you post them?
your gun is not that good because it usees a firing pin .if you put it as a sling shot it will have more power *3 probley
yes, but even with a firing pin, it has so much power!
Danny8 years ago
dude!! i made the crossbow and quite honestly it is the most powerfull i have ever built and thats with only 1 rubber band! would u like me to post it?
TRheraklesTR (author)  Danny8 years ago
Nice gun! Im building a sniper right now, and I was stupid enough to shoot myself with it, IT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I finish, I'll see if I can post it. It is really hard to build.
errrrmmmmmmmmmm gorkam . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . WHERE is the the pistol!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????
Kaiven Danny8 years ago
yeah!!!!! post and ill add this to my group
knexsniper16 years ago
Very good gun! The only problem is that the instructable is to vague and doesnt go in depth. Some of the pictures are hard to see. Are medical rubberbands the same as latex free?
whencela6 years ago
if this instructable is to complicated, kalphlak, made a much easier version of the instructables for the same gun , link is:

this is'nt a good instructable...
the only thing you can see is how it looks fron the outside.
with this no one can make the sniper rifle.
but i dont really care becouse i never got enough pieces to build it.=[
lucky13bb936 years ago
ya its way too complicated and the pictures are vague u should post it in much slower and simpler steps plz
blobbobdude6 years ago
I don't know, I mean, this is a great gun, but there must be an easier way of doing it. this gun seems to be so complicated. I really like it though, don't get me wrong.
what you mean it insane
DTass6 years ago
KILLERK7 years ago
SR-v1 coming soon!
SR-v1 coming soon!
Fake get off the site!
Gorkem, can you please show the basics(the inside) of your steps, because they are very very very difficult. You show only pictures from the outside of the parts, so i don't see the parts that you don't show.
He never replies...never if he did that would be AMAZEING!
Incredible... I'm speech less
tabbyowns6 years ago
Wow nice gun. I subscribed and I rated it 5 stars. Very nice =D
i built your sniper rifle, i also added to it, but its really brilliant!!!!!!!!!
WOW I want some medical rubber bands!!! They're HUGE!
i want those rubber bands too!! i built his rifle though, i used loads of normal thick sized rubber bands. but i made a new scope, added to the front and made a bipod for it. it doesn't shoot as far as gorkem's one does but it does shoot about 60-70 feet!!!
FutJJ6 years ago
Nice sniper, please watch my sniper and give me hints making it better, it shoots rubberbands, but its powerfull, over 30 meter range, and it can hit a red connector from 12 meter, perfect range and scope, thats why its so good (btw: im form belgium, so i also have some english problems you know)
knektek6 years ago
is it a block trigger?
please post step by step instructables...?
If there was ever a zombie outbreak in your area, Gorkem, you'd be ready! :=)
He'd be devoured before he could reload. "Shut the f*ck up, Donnie, you're out of your element."
knektek6 years ago
and how exactly does it work?
knektek6 years ago
This gun is kool but why is'nt it a winner for any comp!
Capt. Fat6 years ago
This is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raiden976 years ago
i wanna make it...but i dont have enough pieces
i agree with you all the way(not enough pieces)LOL
nutty guy6 years ago
Great gun 5/5 I managed to get it to fire through one can and dent the second!
knexfreak956 years ago
no affense but i think that the morretti is better
Don't be sorry. It Is better.
xerxes72956 years ago
is that thing even legal???
Masterdude6 years ago
Awesome gun. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough pieces.
dude that is the best knex sniper i have eaver seen in my life u r the best knex snipeh maker ve eaver seen thats the best effort i evr seen u r my insprauon :D 5 starz!!!
statified6 years ago
where do you suggest i get the medical elastic band? :)
you can get 16' long rubberstrips (its a long strip that you cut to length then tie the ends together) for rubberband powered airplanes
there not really medical strips but they work really well
oh awesome thanks.
I know you can get them from physical treatment... my dad had a dislocated shoulder and now we have three 2-yard diameter bands
oh cool my mates dads badly broken his leg so ill ask him if he has any! thanks!
Bugman96 years ago
you should shoot someone from your window
W trouble6 years ago
Is it possible you could pt more precice directions
W trouble6 years ago
20 stars for rating ITS AWSOME
is it pump action?
knektek6 years ago
yes instructables are supposed to be step-by-step i think he didnt want to dismantle that gun.
daelans6 years ago
HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY just wanted to make sure you see this remove your dinky scope and add on chombo skope it owns so hard remember now, chombo
demomdragon6 years ago
it can pierce 2 beer cans with sharpened rods I made a bow that can do that not sharpened
chill886 years ago
wLan6 years ago
abi bunu nasıl yaptın =) zor olmadımı orda en az 2000 parca var gıbı duruyor ellerine saglık =) cok guzel olmus =)
for the people who are being dumb and saying its only powerful because of the rubber bands, you obviously have no idea what your talking about. The reason other guns aren't as powerful as this is because the gun can't handle the pressure. This one has well made crossing parts, and the pressure is separated. I got it to be able to shoot and go through a popcan from 40 feet before it broke under pressure. Thats a well made gun. And who cares if he's like 20? at least he's smart enough to create something like this
exactly, so it IS the number of bands, if your ram and gun can bear it then put more on, yes the strength of the gun is determined by how strong the gun is, but all of the power comes from how many or how strong your bands are. Besides, once you get to a cirtain number of bands, they will contract a their maximum speed, the bands cannot contract at a faster rate, and that rate is only about 70 FPS. i did what mythbusters does, i took my high speed cam and i have a painted board with markers on it, and i clocked that elastic bands have a maximum contraction rate of 70 FPS. there fore there is a physical limit on how fast your gun shoots, now i can tell im kind of over-explaining myself now, so ill just stop lol. (hope i wasn't a prick lol)
ya you are (lol) and anyways my point still stands. they work together, and the point is is that his gun is more powerful than everyone else's, not based only on rubber bands
o well, i must say the accuracy is terrible at long range, if the gray rods turn even slightly in the air it will stard flying in that directing, really annoys me, and is why for SR's i use blue peice or less.
ya the accuracy is terrible. partly though because the bullets are so light, if they were heavier it would work better, but as its knex, you can't really do that im in line with your idea though, i like to use, if i can, the smallest green/black bits for my bullets, its also easier to make magazines
ya, umm could u post one of ur mag's for the black/green peices,? in my magazines the bullits always turn or jam, i tried making a mini pistol once, i had everything as small as it could be and it has a 7 round mag, beutiful, but couldent shoot lol cuz the mag would jam after first shot. and i accually sucessed in making a gray rod heavier once, i took a 12 inch dril bit with an 1/8 inch bore, and drilled the center out, and replaced it with a steel rod, but it made it 2 heavy, and damaged my ram, because the rod stuck out a bit at both ends. but plz post, or describe your mag. thx
ya,....give me a few days im kinda tied up at the moment im also working on a variation, so ill post a few different versions
k sweet thx. PM me when the pic is up. ;)
oh by the way....to you comment that it wouldn't be able to penetrate human skin, if you watch the video, and yes it worked for me, he shoots through 2 popcans, aluminum is tougher than skin....lol, you have to sharpen the bullets though
maybe so.... are you talkin about my lil run down with knexgunartist??. but i DO beleive it can poke a hole in human skin but DEFINATLY wont getr stuck in bone, and accually aluminum is hardert than skin, where as skin will stretch and obsorb a good amount of energy, he had weight on the top so they dont move back, besides who is stupid enough to shoot them selves or another perosn with a sharpend rod anyways?? i mean when i have wars i use a round no bigger than a blue peice, they are more accurate n e ways. and dont hurt but u know if u get hit.
what if the SR-V1 was shot at u, wot do u think would happen?
what do u mean ,the pain is the whole point of a knex/airsoft war(well not the one inflicted to u)
right....so make this gun sharpen the bullets have a war....when you miss and hit the other person in the throat, send me a pic
lol i didn't read the whole thing, and your right, theres no way it could get stuck in bone...thats just stupid and the weight on top of the cans make sense, we have weight too ill post thoese mags first chance i get
awesome. thx, jw how many bullits do they hold??
i have different ones, but around 15....not huge, but thats why you just pop in a new one right? ill post by this afternoon
lol accually i was expecting more like 8.... but 15 is awesome, as long as it isnt physically buig, i mean knex peices are about a 1/4 inch in diameter, so 1/4 x 15 = 3.75 inchs, witch it starting 2 get 2 big...but ill prb downsize as this wepaon i am making is supposed 2 be rather small and undetectable
um...ya...if its supposed to be like undetectable, you should probably work on your own...cause mines more for like a machine gun (not where everyone has its own elastic or anything) but its about the size of a real mag, cause then i can just slide it in.... and im trying to work out some bugs, cause i had it working, and now it won't work and i can't figure out why... im working on a couple designs, so ill see if i can't help you by making a smaller one
alrighty add my email so we can talk and share pics easier. nik_sk8_snow@hotmail.com OR my xfire hotcrazyfruit
how did u stop the ram rod breaking
made it short, cause then it doesn't bend, and put an elastic stretched where it hits, to absorb the impact
sorry, made it shorter (from the gray rod to a red rod)
Bugman96 years ago
dude, that is cool. I made this gun last year and it wasn't that powerful because i didn't have the medical rubber bands.but great job!
King8256 years ago
TRheraclesTR, Why? It seems pointless to attempt this, at least for me, so why do you torture me so? WHY? I think I'll check out Kalpha's version. 3 stars. the gun 5 stars, but the instructable made it a 3. Awesome gun it is...
beameron6 years ago
Austin1016 years ago
dude that gun is sick. it's the best sniper i have ever saw 00 -
DrWeird1176 years ago
Man, you're 20? With such a genius brain, I'd expect a little older!
PieBoy6667 years ago
YOU ARE A DELI-GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he works at subway A?
lol, he made this out of knex, he didn't cook it lol. you mean demi god
ooops sos i just had a curry and wasn't thinking :)
brian242r6 years ago
you think shooting through CANS is hard, try shooting through doors!
that's a knex gun,made of real metal parts,i gotta try that
rangemaster6 years ago
this sniper is fantastic, but the instuctions are crap, and the barrel is very week, you need to bulk it up more and its not worth biulding unless u can get hold of some of that medical tubing
knex maddo6 years ago
where are the instructions?
knex maddo6 years ago
how far does the crossbow fire? reply asap thanks
O.o Awesum!!!!! but too many pieces...
homzy056 years ago
can some one send me a photo or something that tells me how to make the firing mechanism in this gun so I can try to build it?
casman16 years ago
man i need a good sniper lol
i hate u man, u set it on instructables but the instructions are p@@p!if u dont want that some1 copy it, then u failed already!
amtdude7 years ago
does any one have a peices list???plzzzzzzz
Go to mine and kalphak's instructions for this gun. they are much better.
builder9687 years ago
about what you said about piercing human skin, plz dont try it
builder9687 years ago
nice vid
knex_man977 years ago
ya dude the gun is awsome except the fact i cant biuld it can u make the instructions a bit easier plez the i add more rating (like i did)
i agree it is too hard to understand, so i didnt even bother to rate it.
eheeohoo277 years ago
k'nex desert eaglea nice sidearm for this weapon!!! designed by me xd
hey this aint the most powerful but it is powerful i created part of it and built a new sniper and it can peirce human flesh at point blanc (right up close) and the rod got stuck in my hand and i had to use pliers to get it out say if u want me to post it plz
LOL, even if it did go into ur hand, it wouldent get stuck unless u had barbs on it.whitch would be a really dumb idea. so ATM i beleive you are lying. besides, the ability 2 penetrate human flesh is not achievable under the power of elastic bands, because at a cirtain point, the bands cannot contract at a faster rate, and that rate is only about 70 FPS. iv clocked it. so if u dont mind doing that again, then plz post a video of yourslef shooting yourself again, then i will beleive u xD
i used one heck of a lot of elastics
LOL it went into bone?? the plastic would flaten before it even began 2 penetrate the bone. besides, you seem to be saying more stuff about the incident as you go along, so it seems like your lieing. sorry.
ive sharpened a new black rod and bought 4 kg of knex off of ebay 4 £40 3-5 working days and ive mostly made my new gun
look at school i started sharpening a black rod shot my shelf when i got home then gave it to my friend niall millichap i go to a school called klb in south glostershire close to wotton under edge and im not building it again untill i build a crossbow (over 6 feet long (about)) wid a huge amount of elestics and then ill remake mine and shoot random stuff wid it (by september the 30 ill have bungie cord to power it because its my birthday on the 27 of september)i will take a pic of my hand or on video wid my gun and i will make sure that i keep it 4 a while so dat if people question me i can show them. end of my longest comment.
i took it apart it can get stuck because it got in bnoe and y would i do it again
dud if it got stuck in your hands you would have to go to the hospital and pissible if deprey got stuck in your skin a skin graph
used pliers and a sharp rod (clean)
mum got well pissed made me take apart
your a really good liar ......
im not lying
remake the gun for a day, make sure ur mom doesent see it, and shoot through as much cardboard as possible with one shot. and take a pic of your hand while your at it, if the rod really did go into your bone there would be a calciu deposit there. and a scar
it was a very sharp black rod (sharpend all around my school and wid a pencil sharpen blade(and i hated life at that time so i did that))
what, you hated life at the time? wtf is that suposed 2 mean, did u try 2 shoot ur wrist and miss?? lol jk. and what do u mean u sharpd a rod arund your school, and i stuck a black rod in the sharpener and it fragments the blade. the black stuff is too hard for a pencil sharpener, (at least my sharpener)
and yes i sharpened it round school mainly during a french lesson in k10
and ive given up on the crossbow and now building my own version of this but u will still have to w8 a bit b4 i get bungies to power it
look i took the blade off of it and sharpend it
What a lying piece of cr*p.
i aint lying
Hahaha, your comment got removed! I will now shut up :).
Just what I thought.
post it then!
bye the way i took it apart and built a version of the reaper crossbow with more support and more powerful
post a pic of ur hand lol
u wont see much
u sure it aint much cause small point but painful as hell
why would you shoot your hand
felt like it and it left a stupid scar
post post post post post post post!!!
Cryptobones7 years ago
i don't get the ram either, make a step for the elastics and the ram
the ram is confusing at first. you need a gray long peice 9 ball joints and 1 gray single connecter and a blue connecter at the end of it.
Slashaar F-177 years ago
Does it have to be only ball joints, I don't have that many-only four-so I was wondering if I could improvise with some of those 'clips with the rod end on it'.
yes there are many improvisations. i usually use tan clips and alternate up and down, also those gray clips also work (the ones with one rod connector and one rod wholeo
bruce911 F-177 years ago
It is not a blue connector it is a white cirdle(snowflake) but his is black.
F-17 bruce9117 years ago
Neutron067 years ago
I constructed my own viewfinder because it yours takes too many rooms and I like the disegn of mine
C:\Documents and Settings\dorian\Mes documents\Mes images\Picture 20.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\dorian\Mes documents\Mes images\Picture 19.jpg
yo dude, urs is awesome, i made an M24 but couldent make a good scope, this is perfect, u mind if i use it? i mihgt mod it so only one end is enlarged tho.
Unitrix7 years ago
selam kardes, silhin cok guzel! ben tam aynisini yaptim ama benimki cok gucle degil :D ellerine sagalik
TRheraklesTR (author)  Unitrix7 years ago
eyvallah aga istersen yardim edebilirim guc konusunda kolay gelsin
tesekurler, silah cok guzal atiyor, ama lastikleri nereden buldun??
cool. i dont know turkish. What duz EYVALLAH mean?????
TRheraklesTR (author)  knexmaniac7 years ago
its mean "all right"
hey im italian
IM UKRAINIAN lol. yay for me ??
TRheraklesTR (author)  Unitrix7 years ago
aga bildigin serum lastigi ;)
nkk07 Unitrix7 years ago
could you say a swear word in turkish pleeez??
eheeohoo277 years ago
try making the v5 reaper , it owns all the knex guns even this one, it flies up to a fking 300feet easy with very strong rubberbands and some glue on it
yeah but its relly heavy
its nothing my new 1s gunna probably weigh 1 heck of alot more (mine gunna be bigger than I_am_Canadian's one)
i use thick elestics
4 strings of 3 elestics
mikezaq1237 years ago
Best knex gun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 out of 5
green donut7 years ago
I'm not gonna wine about how it's only the rubber bands, but really, it pretty much is. Sweet gun, great design. I'm new to knex guns, but I can tell it's a pretty big thing. Keep it up, man.
its a nice gun BUT the only reson its strog is cause of the rubber bands it uses but its still looks like a winner just not powerful
chuckie17 years ago
hard but i can do it if i dont give up i got 80% of this step done it looks cool to i wonder whats whats the step i bet its cool
T3453R7 years ago
oh yeah i forgot .. REALY NICE DESIGN :o gratz to that
T3453R7 years ago
1 thing so you all will know ..... ....this is not the strongest knex gun ever ! got a stronger one here on my left side i saw the movie and yes it looks a bit cool to shoot true 2 cans or a cardboard box and a cd but have you tried a whole cd case in front of a shoebox ?? gues not made my point ... greetz
hellooo !! y love ur gun but , its sad because the instructions are not pretty good but y love your gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n00bkiller7 years ago
hay gorkume i used ur scope 4 my sniper rilfe is that ok? but i LOVE UR GUN
TRheraklesTR (author)  n00bkiller7 years ago
of couse man ;)
knex boy7 years ago
cool gun but can u take beta pics and more detail plz?
heatblast7 years ago
Hi Gorkem, Can you please post some extra photos of the Sniper Rifle? I'm having trouble finishing the BARREL of the rifle. Thanks!
Go here
aksmak17 years ago
all he f***ing says is look and make, make it from kalphak's instructions, here is link http://www.instructables.com/id/Gorkems-K_nex-Sniper-Gun-The-same-gun-as-the-orig/
apples!!!!!7 years ago
the only reason this shot through cardboard in the video is because it had surgical tubing on the ram.
Matty_w1017 years ago
iv mad the handle but I'm stuck MAKE IT EASYER PLZ
does any one know of a knex set that has ball joint connectors please reply
http://www.technology2enjoy.co.uk/acatalog/knex-parts-other.html go on this it shud hav your ball joint connectors u need
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hey,knexmaster i got a joke, yo mama so ugly when she was born the doctor slapped her butt and her face and said , twins! heatblast.
yo momma so ugly when she was born the doctor slapped her parents!
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yo mama is so fat that when she jumped for joy, she got stuck
KILLERK7 years ago
everyone plz stop the trash talking Gorkem made an excellent weapon with many creative qualities it is well built in my opinion It looks like a solid close quarters combat weapon good work
i have to say i like gorkems a BIT more than the sr-v1, u might win me back if u come up with a mag for it and a body that uses ALOT less yellows
i gun like the SR-V1 can never have a mag that is auto load. you could have it store the ammo with the rubberbands on it in the back with a little moding. the problem is that the ammo has to be clicked in and has that connector on the top. because of that: 1. a simple mag pusher would not load the gun right. 2. it would lose i would around half it's power just from the ammo on top of the loaded one rubbing the load one. 3. the mag would still need manual work to make it load so you could not just fire and then fire again. 4. the trigger does not reset it self.
dude you are the man Gorkems gun is so totally awsome if gorkem is reading this you soul be proud of yourself you are so so cooool gorkem and killerk
yea i know ive been working on it and i designed my own stock and the end part of the stock.
i totally agree!!!!!
Yaano KILLERK7 years ago
if i wanted a sniper i would go in my dads gun safe and get his .270 i just look for a gun that "works" every gun i have made never works like people say. like your pistol i couldnt get it to fire 20 ft with a good amount of rubber bands
i agree it's great. Only a few don't argue like knexboi
I don't know if it is a good CQB weapon because of the size, but it is good.
Baron A KILLERK7 years ago
very noble of u. good on ya.
daz1087 years ago
I'm making an Instructable about an awesome torch that can light a chunk of wood in seconds!
liner7 years ago
Great gun. Unfortunately, I don't have access to medical bands or enough pieces to build this weapon (otherwise I would have tried to build it")
I like the mechanism, and the power is brilliant (probably provided somewhat by those medical bands), but what is the range like? and the accuracy? I have only seen you test the gun at a somewhat close range, and we know it can pierce beer cans and whatnot at that range (still impressive, though), how good is it as a sniper rifle?

Nice build, though. I'd like to see some more great projects from you in the future.
heatblast liner7 years ago
just go to walgreens or milner rushing to get them that's an easy thing to do. not complicated at all!!!
googleman7 years ago
woooo, cool gun. moo, im a cat, do u know were the next asylum is
MrFairlady7 years ago
Wow dude... im scared. thats a really cool knex gun. verrrry nice.
hey does anyone know what knot to do for step 2 photo 4 just tell me the type of knot if you know it cos my dad worked on a ship can someone please help me PLEASE REPLY
TRheraklesTR (author)  oldsmobilefreak7 years ago
dude, this is just yellow rope not a knex piece ;)
please may someone tell me where to get medical rubberbands its really starting to make me frustrated, Please reply A.S.A.P. thanks in advance
i have no idea actually i have been looking everywhere for some i think you should try the chemist or the hospital something like that
no go to a medical supply store
ebay has it.
home depot sells it, and actually its called surgical tubing, you can get like 6 feet for $15. thats how I made my pvc snowball slingshot
no,you must be mistaking.a store such as home depot cannot sell medical rubber bands, its impossible.the only way you can get them is if you go to either walgreens or milner rushing. plus they're expensive. heatblast.
well i went down to sandiego for a couple of days and i found a store called wheel chairs and medical supply and its called rubber tubing
same do you know where do get them now can you tell me?
gorkem ide just like to pass a note your gun is the best and most amazing knex gun ever u r a star ur amazing dude ur like my best friend cooooooolooooooool keep up the amazing work
i do to, its ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your gun is the coolest gun ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!
i know it is rope i dont know what knot to tie for the rope so my fingers can go in PLEASE REPLY THANK YOU
id just use a bowline. it woked the best for me
logroller7 years ago
really good gun
wild13577 years ago
wild13577 years ago
UHHH please explain in more detail
knexmastergunarist post plzzzzz
hellpilot7 years ago
I've been dreaming about this knex gun and making it. But where did you get the medical rubber band O_o.
Crossbow7477 years ago
hey i would love to make it but my mom says i am not allowed to get any more knex:ps could you send me some more?9i am right next to your house
i moded his sniper rifle i spent 3 months workin on it i still cant get it 2 auto fire and reload but its stronger wen u reload it urself there more accuracy
gorkem i got rubber tubing aka medical rubber bands but when i put them on my gorkem rifle it does bubkis eit only works with normall rubber bands can you please tell me where to put the rubber tubing and what different types of rubber bands i need
oh and do i need the thick medical rubber bands or the thin medical rubber bands please reply
Wafflicious7 years ago
ur lucky ur name has a smiley face in it =(
does anyone have an idea for a true trigger without using a string for my shotgun.i still want to keep the pump and the magazine. Thanx.

mattyugi7 years ago
can you make a vid showing (slowly)how you made the sniper because i cant make it off the pictures i tryed(hard)
i liked it, i built it three, and i liked it even more! However, this is not the strongest gun. My sniper shot through five cola cans and sixteen pieces of cardboard "WITHOUT SHARPENED RODS". Plus, jill's gun shot through eleven, but that was on the prototype, so the real thing probably shoots through fourteen, fifteen peices of cardboard. AND, he didn't use sharpened rods either (i think). Well still, its a good gun and i can see that you spent a lot of hard work on it. I still like it, though. BTW, should i post this gun i made. It is a true trigger semi/full auto gun. I think it is the first semi/full auto gun exculding oodalumps MG. It is LARGE!!! LARGE!!! LARGE!!! I like the big, bulky guns. Using about 500 (would have been more, but i had to hollow the gun out so that the trigger could fit.) pieces. It is my second gun that i made (since my "wheel launching gun" isn't really a gun, considering it sucks ***, so yeah.
HOLY COW - post your sniper plzzzz
ya and my gun is like pinnapple bob's but with less pieces.
POST!!!!! plz?