Step 3: Scope

Picture of scope
Resim 090.jpg
Resim 54.JPG
Resim 091.jpg
Resim 024.jpg
look and make like that
W trouble3 years ago
hello everyone! the next this weekend i will be building this gun. i have seen on other coments that people want better instructions for this gun. it will probably take two weeks to build and another week to set up the ible. i have never set uo an ible before so any tips would be helpfull.
By the end of october you will have good instructions on how to build this gun.!
robin944 years ago
can someone make a good scope?
sandmman5 years ago
I didn't bother building this. Its quite easy to build your own, simpler scope
as you can see on pic 1, i added the end of a BBQ skewer to help you aim, BTW i added blue tac to stick it on 
Maxajax26 years ago
would be awesome if you could get a real scope onto it.
yeah, but maby thats a bit overkill, still be cool tho
Neutron068 years ago
I constructed my own viewfinder because it yours takes too many rooms and I like the disegn of mine
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yo dude, urs is awesome, i made an M24 but couldent make a good scope, this is perfect, u mind if i use it? i mihgt mod it so only one end is enlarged tho.
I like the design of yours to mate.