Step 4: Body of rifle

look and make carefully because you should make no mistake at this part !!!
_kira_4 years ago
just made it. Its not as hard as you would think. These are actually pretty clear pictures. If anyone would want clearer instructions I would be willing to post.
MiniBr1t5 years ago
dont matter i used some yellows instead
MiniBr1t5 years ago
how many orange thing do u need
yamaha7005 years ago
hey crap hole try taking it apart and show the pieces apart like other people do. it looks like a good gun but its nearly impossible to understand 
sandmman5 years ago

This is probably the hardest part but if you focus and get going its actualy not that hard. It just looks quite "scary".
If you still cant do it, come back to this page again soon and i will have hopefully posted some easier instructions.

sandmman5 years ago

has anyone managed to do this part

sandmman5 years ago
nnnnooooooooooo!! :(      ive gotten so far and now this, oh my god, sob sob
gtrain6 years ago
it's not clear enough....but good gun. Is there anyone with a M40 sniper instructable? Someone please answer!
anzymann6 years ago
make better insrtuctions i cant make it plz
humpty956 years ago
can u make better instructions, it is really hard to make, not enough detail.
TOMNDAN6 years ago
post better instructions cause i cant build it
chuckie17 years ago
hard but i can do it if i dont give up i got 80% of this step done it looks cool to i wonder whats whats the step i bet its cool
Matty_w1017 years ago
iv mad the handle but I'm stuck MAKE IT EASYER PLZ
dude i dont get it make easier and more discriptive steps these are too confusing
devenda7 years ago
hmmm i made the full gun end the trigger en magezine but i strugle over the ram i thought i made it but i dont understand how to attach the blue connector and what is the connector?is it 1 with a peice out it?
about 5 people want u to make the sniper easier for us plese reply
i cant carry on until either gorkem or kalphak make easier steps on how to make the ram and step 4 and above because its quite hard to anaylise from the pictures kalphaks idea was great but i hope he adds onto it soon, so please reply kalphak or trheraklestr
step 4 is the most diifcult part of the gun plese add something on your page that makes,making the ram easier please cus i really want to get the sniper done
Cryptobones8 years ago
i don't get the ram either, make a step for the elastics and the ram
Wolf Seril8 years ago
Hey I'm really confussed here. What is the ram attached to? If you could draw a simple diagram that would really help me out. k thanks.
Neutron068 years ago
I'm coming in the most difficult party of the gun I am not sure of arriving there