Step 8: Finally , look at my photos with my rifle and my knex crossbow

Picture of finally , look at my photos with my rifle and my knex crossbow
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if you want to put me my crossbow i can put its instructions here easily ;)

my knex crossbow's video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGfL08Wl3Rk&mode=user&search=

GDfense267 years ago
sorry but you must have like no life to build this gun, or is this your profession or something?
Be nice, it is just a hobby! Everyone has a hobby, knex building is his, just like a lot of people's.
Well said.
jiplatuheru4 years ago
cant you do easy steps its allright for me but i think other people dont understand
jourybinken6 years ago
i can`t bild it its to dificult. you show only pictures of the gun.
knex maddo7 years ago
where are the instructions?
knex maddo7 years ago
how far does the crossbow fire? reply asap thanks
eheeohoo277 years ago
try making the v5 reaper , it owns all the knex guns even this one, it flies up to a fking 300feet easy with very strong rubberbands and some glue on it
steel$7 years ago
uuuuuu y r u shooting at close range stand like 20 feet away... see what happends
im wid robot chicken check ur onbox and comments frmo us man were waitingfor u to make an easier version lol still pretty damn clever gun tho kind regards me!!!! Jarez
sorry, but gorkem mate, you gotta disa semble and re asemble your gun if anyone is gonna bulid it. anybody agree with me? (btw the gun looks awesome)
Dikkerd8 years ago
on that crossbow try and take a couple of rubber bands of it might actualy be a bit stronger due to ther being less friction, but then i could be wrong. nice work man _
Danny8 years ago
dude!! i made the crossbow and quite honestly it is the most powerfull i have ever built and thats with only 1 rubber band! would u like me to post it?
liamer8 years ago
I think your sniper rifle is your best gun
crazykilla8 years ago
cool and when u post the crossbow please put it in our group instructables ok thanx then maybe we can make a ultamate gun project with our knex oh and do u like this marble gun i made
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