Step 8: Finally , Look at My Photos With My Rifle and My Knex Crossbow

if you want to put me my crossbow i can put its instructions here easily ;)

my knex crossbow's video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGfL08Wl3Rk&mode=user&search=

<p>Looks Awesome.....wondering if you spent too much time on it......how long did it take to make?</p>
so awesome!
love the gun think you can help me on my bolt action 25 shot mag with grenad launcher (my problem is the triger) here is a link <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/</a>
semteeeeex! <br>(mw2 reference)
not again!!!!!!!
I am istimal a mütercim -e doğru yardım etmek sen anlamak daha iyi. -ebil sen yapmak a resim belki -den geçerek r||bitmiş}} boyamak ya da bir şey -e doğru yapmak a liste -in tüm parça gerek ve belki eğer senin -ecek -e doğru , bozulmak senin ateşli silah içine küçük sade parça -e doğru yapmak o hafiflemek için bizi -e doğru kurmak. Hope you can understand we need the help Gorkem. Thanks, Slashaar
dude, i can't understand, write them english
god, if you post an instructable at lest reply when ppl ask questons you turkey
hey dude could you make easier instuctions please, its a bit to hard and i realy, realy want to make this gun cos its amazing
Sorry, tried using translator. The gun's great but it would help if you could set up a material list so we could see what all we need. Also if you would be willing to, break down your gun into simpler pieces so we could build it easier. Thanks, Slashaar
i cant follow the pics!! can you post something like step by step?
i know, really!
I agree this is vary vary vary ....... hard to follow
hello everyone! the next this weekend i will be building this gun. i have seen on other coments that people want better instructions for this gun. it will probably take two weeks to build and another week to set up the ible. i have never set uo an ible before so any tips would be helpfull. <br>By the end of october you will have good instructions on how to build this gun.!
look good bro
how many green rods in this gun? <br>
Has anyone actually redone the instructibles yet? If so reply to this comment with a link thanks
I would LOVE to build your gun. But as MANY other people have said, PLEASE take it apart and give clearer steps. Thanks.
i would be glad to make it and post easier instructions if you want me to and if i get gorkems perrmission to
yes u can :)
thanks i will give you all credit ill post them in a week
i built it from the pics, it wasnt that powerful
Thats cuz he had so many frickin powerful rubber bands
or you could ask him to make clearer pictures no disrespect gorkem your gun is the best
what is the most powerful knex gun ever?
Not a Rectangle.
Where can I find ibles?
i want 2 know the answer :D
okay this is a very good sniper but can you make a bether instructable ??
good idea
Having trouble understanding the instructions. Looking through the comments it looks like your not going to be remaking the instructions but it looks like other people are willing to do that. I would love for someone to remake the instructions more clearer since this looks like a really good gun.
Actually not that good. Its a block trigger mechanism also.
How far does it shoot? How accurate is it?
just made it. Its not as hard as you would think. These are actually pretty clear pictures. If anyone would want clearer instructions I would be willing to post.
Yes could you please post some clearer instructions? I really want to make this gun.
Guys, he won't take apart the gun and post it so stop asking. Its been years since he posted it. Nothing will happen.
you have a nice day <br>
sorry but you must have like no life to build this gun, or is this your profession or something?
Be nice, it is just a hobby! Everyone has a hobby, knex building is his, just like a lot of people's.
good job defending yourself
Well said.
AWESOME man i don't now better words to say it!!
i dont get the part where you put the elastic band around the butt ? am i ment to attach to the shoulder part where am i ment 2 put it???
can someone make a good scope?
cant you do easy steps its allright for me but i think other people dont understand <br>

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