This is a modification which makes it much easier to cock the rifle.
It is a lever with the draw string attached to the top.
if you have any oppinions or comments please leave a comment.
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Step 1: Lever

you can easily make this from the picture.
(20 dark grey conectors and 2 red rods.)

Step 2: Attaching to Gun.

please make from pics.

Step 3: Finish

this should result in quicker cocking and less painfull when pulling.
Remember when you attach the string to the lever make sure the firing pin is in all the way.
happy firing!
hee dude can you please send me a email with the instructions my son whats it en i dont want to pay a month for one gun zo please help me <br>danny.sneb@live.nl thanks
does anyone have a link to the vss vintorex sniper? tres bien
have you found it <br>
just browse sniper and you will find it.
post instructions ps cool gun
How far can this gun shoot?
Sorry but I really hate those "instructions". Why doesn't someone make the real instructions of this gun? I think Gorkem is supposed to post it, but everyone copies it and don't give instructions. That's probably because they aren't Gorkem's guns, but just ones who look like it.....
Is that a mini version of Gorkem's?
try making it step by step to show us in great detail how to make it. good job!
thats just like poopsnipers gun from youtube
The vss vintorez kenx sniper shoots 230 feet because it uses a sling mechanism. This one uses block mechanism.
that gun sucks it only shoots like 80 feet the vss vintorez kenx sniper shoots 230 feet
can u add a step fopr the firing pin
gotta admit mate thats a ood idea but one thing can u make clear instructions on how to make the gun coz nobody will thnaks mate i hope u will thanks Millions
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/edit/share?groupId=G3UPJ47FT7PL2QV">https://www.instructables.com/edit/share?groupId=G3UPJ47FT7PL2QV</a> join this club copy and paste to the url box , we would like to see your knex guns and advertise the url on knex instructables<br/>
could u possibly pos an instructable on how to make the barrel?
still not as big<br/>=(<br/>im dissapointed<br/>2.5*<br/>
oh please!
well i guess that way to reload is a little cool 4.5*
yay! p.s I didnt make it.
yea i know rebalex made it<br/>nice job rebalex<br/>=)<br/>
I really like the lever!
All the modifacations make it much better looking
I think that lever is a great idea for all snipers that have that string to pull back the firing pin. Ex. Gorkems, XM8, etc.
I agree.
me too. Gj man!
im gonna copy the sight
i have used the exact gun and it work briliently.
is that a mini gorkems sniper?
Nicely done that should help ppl
Not necessary but still nice.

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