Picture of GORM Ikea coffee table
After seeing randofo's GORM bench / bookshelf project I thought a coffee table would be quite possible and look pretty good with a few slight modifications. I had recently assembled a GORM bookshelf so I thought a GORM coffee table would watch nicely and at a very reasonable price.
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Step 1: Bill of Materials

Picture of Bill of Materials
Go to IKEA and get the following.

1) 2 sets of GORM posts. Select the 43 1/3 length. (4 posts total)
2) 4 GORM shelfs. Select the 19 5/8 width (4 total). You can select any 4  GORM shelves for this project, but this size worked well for my needs. Make sure they all are the same size.
3) Optonal: 2 Behandla containers of paint (12 oz) each. You may only need one, depending on how big or small your shelves and how many coats you desire.
4) Optional: 2 pieces of 1/4 inch plexi glass at 19 1/2 by 12 1/8 inches.

* The tools needed for this project are a handsaw or table saw, sandpaper, paint, and a wrench. Thats it.

Step 2: Cuts and prep work

Picture of Cuts and prep work
1) Take 3 of the Gorm posts and cut 6 pieces each to a height of 17 3/4 inches. This allows for the 1/4 inch plexi-glass to fit pretty flush with with some felt pieces underneath so the glass isn't sitting directly on top of the wood. If you don't plan to use a glass top, adjust the height accordingly down to 17 1/2.
2) Sand all the posts after cutting looking for jagged edges. Sand shelves too if you notice any jagged or rough areas.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Assemble the posts and shelves with the IKEA supplied wood screws. Paint all surfaces if so desired. I recommend two coats using the Black IKEA Behandla glazing paint.

Step 4: Adding glass top

Picture of Adding glass top
Add the pre cut pieces of plex-glass if using this option. Try and use some small felt pieces underneath the glass.

Step 5: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Place your new coffee table as needed. I've attached a photo of our painted GORM bookshelf that now matches the coffee table. I may be adding an end table too in the near future.
Culturespy4 years ago
Is this the birth of a Randofo inspired GORM hacking club?
matt.t.mcgowan (author)  Culturespy4 years ago
It just may be!


Excellent flat pack hack guide here!

amandamany4 years ago
That's great, i love it!
When i do one for me, i will put the picture here!
amagriva4 years ago
Ehm...Nice but why bother buy ikea ? If you are able to do this mod you could do the whole job by yourself ...bye
carpespasm4 years ago
From the warehouse picture I thought you were using salvaged shipping pallets for this. That's probably where Ikea gets their GORM material.
Reffner4 years ago
Doesn't plexi scratch easily?
matt.t.mcgowan (author)  Reffner4 years ago
Plexi can scratch more easily than standard glass. I guess it depends on how much activity you think the table would get. There are certain cleaners than work pretty well. I used plexiglass as an option here as 1/4 glass is pretty thick and can be expensive. You could drop the height of the posts of this and use 1/8 or 3/8 glass too. It's up to you.