After seeing randofo's GORM bench / bookshelf project I thought a coffee table would be quite possible and look pretty good with a few slight modifications. I had recently assembled a GORM bookshelf so I thought a GORM coffee table would watch nicely and at a very reasonable price.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Go to IKEA and get the following.

1) 2 sets of GORM posts. Select the 43 1/3 length. (4 posts total)
2) 4 GORM shelfs. Select the 19 5/8 width (4 total). You can select any 4  GORM shelves for this project, but this size worked well for my needs. Make sure they all are the same size.
3) Optonal: 2 Behandla containers of paint (12 oz) each. You may only need one, depending on how big or small your shelves and how many coats you desire.
4) Optional: 2 pieces of 1/4 inch plexi glass at 19 1/2 by 12 1/8 inches.

* The tools needed for this project are a handsaw or table saw, sandpaper, paint, and a wrench. Thats it.

Is this the birth of a Randofo inspired GORM hacking club?
It just may be!
<p>Great! I have a long piece of tempered glass that might work perfect for this project.</p>
<p>Excellent flat pack hack guide here!</p>
Here are some more life hacks <a>http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com</a>
That's great, i love it!<br>When i do one for me, i will put the picture here!
Ehm...Nice but why bother buy ikea ? If you are able to do this mod you could do the whole job by yourself ...bye
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From the warehouse picture I thought you were using salvaged shipping pallets for this. That's probably where Ikea gets their GORM material.
Doesn't plexi scratch easily?
Plexi can scratch more easily than standard glass. I guess it depends on how much activity you think the table would get. There are certain cleaners than work pretty well. I used plexiglass as an option here as 1/4 glass is pretty thick and can be expensive. You could drop the height of the posts of this and use 1/8 or 3/8 glass too. It's up to you.

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