Introduction: GORT

Removed and recycled internal components, plastic front and stand of the CRT monitor. The monitor is sitting face down. Cut out, what would be the top back of the monitor, and installed a full sized DVD/RW. The DVD is mounted on book shelf rails which are epoxied to the inside of the monitor. The bottom of the CRT is now the back of the case. The large rectangular opening, in the back, is for the full size power supply. A Compaq chassis was mounted on plastic pegboard and bolted to the CRT via the 4 holes in the corners, which once held the front to the monitor. The small ledge on the back houses two 50MM cooling fans. The front (face) visor is made from a piece of plastic rain gutter - heated and shaped to fit. Two gas oven knobs are installed, one on each side of the visor, to give it a more GORT look. On the back side of the visor, 3 color changing LEDs were used to give it the famous GORT laser. A full size motherboard and cards can be installed in this unit. :) Klaatu barada nikto



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