Picture of GOT PAINT?
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Step 1: Hanger and working table

Picture of Hanger and working table
for hang parts to be painted

Step 2: Wire for hang

Picture of Wire for hang

Step 3: Paper to protect the working table

Picture of Paper to protect the working table

Step 4: Powder control

Picture of Powder control

Step 5: Powder gun

Picture of Powder gun

Step 6: Oven

Picture of Oven

Step 7: Toster

Picture of Toster

Step 8: Microwave

Picture of Microwave

Step 9: Desumidifier

Picture of Desumidifier

Step 10: Hair dryer

Picture of Hair dryer

Step 11: Compressed air gun

Picture of Compressed air gun

Step 12: Ventilation and air filter

Picture of Ventilation and air filter

Step 13: Vacuum

Picture of Vacuum

Step 14: Trash cans

Picture of Trash cans

Step 15: Eyes cleaner

Picture of Eyes cleaner