Gourdila brains with wart nuts will be the most popular dish served for Halloween 2010 according to surveys.  

Gourdila was an alien gourd witch,  until she met her untimely death.
Gourdila was hatched in Witchman, VA.

This instructable is how to make Gourdila brains with nut garish.  


I bought my gourd in New Mexico at a charity event and they got all their gourds at an Indian reservation.  

Ingredients are for 1 serving.  

1 Warty looking gourd.
1 Package of Raman noodles.
1 Green  food coloring.
1 Battery operated  pumpkin carving knife or small hack saw.
1 Red and 1 Black licorice for eyes and mouth.
1 sheet of black foam sheet for hat. (Optional. ) 
1 Plastic zip-lock  bag depending on the size of gourd you will be using for inside the gourd.
1 Small cup of chopped nuts as a garnish.
1 Custard cup.
1 Pair of scissors.
1 marker to mark gourd and craft foam.
Kayle opitional

I did not glue the embellishments to the gourd because I am using the gourd for a different purpose later.  

I don't feel a person would really need to glue them on,  unless they are making this for children.  

Ok,... now i'm hungry :) <br> <br>Nice instructable!
Thanks for commenting! I am definitely NOT hungry but glad to hear you are. Want the leftovers?
Kewl! Thanks for your comment. Want desert with that? Check out the slide show.
Ughhh. :) It's perfect for halloween though. Nice job!
That is what I say! But the contest want gross creepy and yucky looking stuff!
Thanks for your comment!
Yuck! Awesome job. ;)
Thanks for your comment. I actually enjoy creating pretty stuff, but the contest information wanted yucky stuff.
disgusting hahaha

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