This instructable will show you how to assemble and operate a G&P WOK Magpul "Desert Storm" Gas Blowback Challenge Kit.  You may be able to assemble a different G&P Challenge Kit with these instructions, but some sections may be slightly different. I'm sorry about any pictures of bad quality, my phone's camera wouldn't focus correctly sometimes.  Thanks to xplodingplastix on airsoftforum.com for his assembly instructions that helped me in addition to the provided instruction manual (his tutorial was for a slightly different model than the one for which I am making this instructable).  Special thanks and shoutout to Evike.com for being such a great company.

      Disclaimer: I am not liable for any injury to you or others, or damage to your airsoft gun or property, as a result of your assembly or use of the gun according to my instructions.  Always be safe and be sure to wear eye protection at all times!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To assemble the kit, you will need:
    -the G&P challenge kit (Note that not all parts will be used)
    -small mallet/hammer (I used a broken mini Maglite- this will get scratched up if you use one)
    -punch tool, or a small metal rod around 3" long
    -small steel screw with flat bottom, or metal rod described above
    -long nose pliers (you might want two, one that's relatively short, and one that's fairly long and is narrow at the tip)
    -screwdriver with a good variety of bits, including philips, flathead, and hex in various sizes.
    -metal files (small to medium size, nothing more than 1/2" wide should be necessary)
    -sprue cutters/wire cutters
    -ink barrel from a ballpoint pen
    -paper clip
    -scrap of paper (not critical, but helps avoid scratching up the receiver/other parts)
    -silicone oil lubricant
    -Liquid Wrench lubricant (this is what I used for most of the pins, but the silicone oil works fine too).  (I would not use WD-40 for           any application in this airsoft gun.)
    -clean work area (you don't want to be losing any of the smaller parts)
<p>Hi, about to purchase one of these, but I was worried about the modifications!</p><p>I know this is an old post but I just wanted to say thanks for such a great, informative 'ible.</p><p>And good job on putting on a lot of pictures, it really helps!</p>
Haha thanks!<br/>Yeah, the pin for the ejection port cover normally goes the other way, but my cover seemed to align better when I put the pin this way.<br/>Again, thanks for the feedback!
This looks awesome, now this is a airsoft instructable. I did't even know it was airsoft until you got to the bolt carrier group. I was about to call the ATF. <br>I got a couple suggestions: <br>1 Get a 4 oz brass hammer, it will not mar steel like your mag light. It is also the correct tool for punches. You can hammer away without worrying about scratches. <br>2. https://www.instructables.com/file/FCG9FR1HM8D919U <br>those take down pins come out. push a punch in that little hole at the top and turn it 1/4 turn. the pin will slide out. there is a little rat turd under tension that provides that &quot;catch&quot; that stops it from coming out. You got to be prepared because it will shoot out when you slide the pin. A drop of clp on the spring and pin lubes the pin. <br>3. I'm pretty sure you put the pin to the ejection port cover in backwards. You should be able to remove it with out taking off the slip rings for the hand guards. <br> <br>Again that thing looks awesome.

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