I wanted a place to mount my GPS other than the dashboard or windshield so I came up with a simple & easy way to mount it in the cup holder with no screws or bolts.

Step 1: Materials Needed

All that's needed is a 2" PVC female coupler, a piece of 1/8" plexiglass (size 3.5 "x 4.5"), some industrial strength adhesive or strong glue & some sandpaper.
Funny thing is, I didn't realize that they sell these on Amazon for around 20 bucks.
<p>Thnx for sharing.</p><p>Sure, you can buy one, but where's the fun in that? </p><p>Truth be told, you can probably make something similar with stuff you already own (CD jewel case &amp; plastic cup, etc.).</p>
Thanks! Yea I didn't want any more holes in the truck so I thought this was the answer.
Simple and effective! I've been trying to figure out something similar, but your design looks perfect. Great work!

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