Step 4: Bit of Polish...

Because I'm putting this in an Art Car, I thought I'd polish it up a bit. I took some 2" wide matte fabric tape and covered the sides of the hood, folding it over the top, to hide the white stress marks of my creases.

I lightly sanded my edges with a nail board to round the sharp edges, then ran a black Sharpie around them to blacken them up.

Finally, I gave the hood it a weigh-in on the scale, and it's a tidy .75 of an ounce. This means it won't really add a significant amount of weight when I return it to my windshield mount.

Plus, 'cause I'm a geek, I added some dressing to make it more futuristic and hide the brand name.
Nice build..simple, but effective..
I like the idea, I have a ton of empty dvd cases laying around. But what I find more interesting is the Mods you have done to the car. I would personally like to see a little more of them and some up close shots. And the R2D2 on the back of the other car is awesome!
I'll second this one.
oh awesome! great job on your first instructable! do you find that this obscures your vision at all (or hits your head while you are driving?)
Thanks! It's largely out of the way, and isn't any more intrusive into the cabin than the top bar of the windshield is.<br><br>This is also just as functional with the GPS mounted closer to the dash, where most people put theirs. I have mine in an odd place because of the &quot;Star Wars&quot; context of the car. But the shade is created relative to ythe unit, so works anywhere your preferred mounting spot is.

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