GPS Car Tracking Device Using Arduino and Smartphone





Introduction: GPS Car Tracking Device Using Arduino and Smartphone

By the end of 2013, more than 7.2 million motor vehicles worldwide were identified as stolen so it's very important to protect your vehicle from theft .
in this project, we will help you :)
you don't have to buy any expensive components such as GSM module or GPS unit .
just leave your smartphone behind 1sheeld in your vehicle and track it anywhere in the world.
with a very simple arduino code , you will be able to track your vehicle and find its current location
in the 3 next steps you will know to do that .. let's fly :)

Step 1: Components

components needed:

1. Arduino uno

2. 1Sheeld

3. Android smartphone

4. Usb cable

Step 2: Arduino Sketch

1. download Arduino IDE from here

2. download 1sheeld library

3. copy 1sheeld library to arduino libraries folder

4. open arduino ide and connect usb cable to your laptop or pc

5. download arduino sketch code below then press upload button

char callingNumber[]="01112058039"; 
boolean isMessageSent = false;        
float lat ;                           
float lon ;
char charlat [10];
char charlon [10];
char readings [80];
void setup()
void loop() {  
    if(strcmp(Phone.getNumber(),callingNumber) == 0) 
       {lat = GPS.getLatitude(); lon = GPS.getLongitude(); 
         dtostrf(lat, 7, 3, charlat); dtostrf(lon, 7, 3, charlon); 
         strcat(readings,"GPS Coordinates : \n");               
         strcat(readings,"latitude is : ");   strcat (readings,charlat);  
         strcat(readings,"\nLongitude is : "); strcat (readings,charlon);
         isMessageSent = true;}                                        
  else {isMessageSent = false;}
 else  {isMessageSent = false;}

Step 3: Connect Your Smartphone

Firstly, you can get 1Sheeld app from play store then follow the following instructions

1. open the app

2. scan for 1sheeld

3. select gps, phone and sms shields

4. wait for a call

once you call 1sheeld , sms contains gps coordinates of your car will be sent to you

use to find car's location



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    Hye, How I can print in firebase database in parent and child form that have lat and long (like the picture) that transmitted from 1sheeld? Please help me.

    maxresdefault (1).jpg

    kindly help me out i tryed uploading code

    supp i gave calling number 12345

    sms no 1234

    y it is not sending sms wen i am calling >???

    make sure u switch 1Sheeld to operating mode
    use internet packet data and make GPS ON

    its not work. why?

    Sir I can't get the sms. Why sir? I already upload the coding. Which phone number I want to exchange with 01112058039? Exchange with the 1sheeld using phone or which phone number. Please help me!

    Sir please reply me now. Urgent!

    Nice try boys but a small GPS module cost aaround half what the 1 shield costs and don't have to leave your smart phone in the car. Who wants to leave their phone in the car all night anyway?

    when I am trying to upload the code an error message appear that there low memory available although iam using arduino uno as you mentioned

    منفضلك ممكن تعطينى رقمك للتواصل للاننى عاوز اعرف السعر وبعض التفاصيل وشكرا