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In a lot of computers there is GPU sag, a problem where the GPU is too heavy for the PCI to fully support and as a result the end of the GPU is lower than the end that is more firmly connected in the PCI slot. If GPU sag is not fixed in time, the PCI slot could potentially be bent and be damaged. The GPU sag fixer is the solution to the problem of GPU sag and is easy to build.

Step 1: Collect All Materials

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-Water bottle

-4 screws

-Knife or scissor

-Tape measurer

-Piece of wood

-Strip of plastic


Step 2: Cut Water Bottle

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You will need to use the knife to cut the bottle so that you only end up with a ring.

Step 3: Cutting Holes for Screws.

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Use the knife to poke small holes on both ends of the strip of plastic from the water bottle and then push the screws through, do the same to the other strip of plastic.

Step 4: Installation

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- Use screw to connect piece of wood to the GPU

- Use another to connect the two strips of plastic

- Connect top piece of plastic to top fan.

Step 5:


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