!!GREAT COMPUTER PRANKS !! computer commands using notepad and command prompt

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Step 2: Fake icon

Picture of Fake icon
Now i am going to tell you how to make fake icons that will shutdown/ log off / restart the victims computer.

When you make this use a 60 or more second time limit so the user has time to save all open work as if you do not it may make them angry and not so much a prank but with a time limit they have nothing to lose and will find it funny after.

There is two ways to do this but the way i am going to show you is easiest:
How to do it:
1.Right click on the desktop in a blank space.
2.Select new.
3.Click where it says create shortcut
4.Where it tells you to type a location type in one of the codes below:

If you want there computer to shutdown type this in:

shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"

If you want it to log them off type this:

shutdown -l -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"

If you want it to restart there computer type this:

shutdown -r -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"

5.Click OK and name it My Computer.

6.Right click on the file you just made and click properties and look for where it says change icon.

7.find the icon that is the same as the "my computer" icon

8.change the icon and wait for the victim to open my computer, then it will shutdown / log off / restart.

9.HINT: If you set the time limit to 0000 it will shutdown instantly, so they may think it was some els wrong with the computer and try again .......

What each part of the code does:
shutdown << this is a program that has three basic commands shutdown , log off , restart.
-s << this will shutdown the computer
-r << this will restart the computer
-l << this will log off the computer
-f << this forces all programs running to shutdown
-t << this is the time limit until shutdown (the time is in seconds so if -t 60 means 60 seconds )

P.S if you want to try this on your computer and the shutdown timer starts, to stop it in run type shutdown -a
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Cyberdalek10 months ago

This is awesome! a quick question though, can you make this for more updated windows computers, like 8.1?

eacochran10 months ago

When i click on the 'finished' shortcut, it logs off instantly even though i put a 60 second timer on it. i typed:

shutdown -l -f -t 60 -c "message" (I did include the quotes if im not supposed to, then that's probably my issue)

help? :P

kool1zero2 years ago
Make your batch script start a shutdown and use the task scheduler to have a matching "shutdown -a" (which aborts) so you just freak them out and don't mess with their stuff. This also makes a nice option to have super long shutdown lengths (like your computer will shutdown in one hour! Just so they can massively fail at stopping it lol)
51m0n3 years ago
When I tried it it didn't flash the message or start the timer it just logged me off.
Ikkalebob5 years ago
I tried the logoff one and it worked well exept that the message didnt come up - It just logged off instantly. please help
Logout does not allow comments, I don't know why the creators of command prompt did not allow this but comments are only allowed on shutdown and restart.
xXKrowXx5 years ago
This does not work for me. I click on the object and it flashes the Command prompt quickly and disappears. Beside that nothing happens :(
dean-101 (author)  xXKrowXx5 years ago
Some computers dont support all of the codes and vista really hates it sorry :(
setsunna0095 years ago
ok so i'm totally new to this stuff so be nice. can i combine the shutdown and restart commands into one prank

and if i let the prank run how do i stop it afterwards
westin4447 years ago
try makeing it so that when you click on my computer it initiates a timer that will say that the OS has had a fatal air, windows will now restart, then have it restart
Oh, no, dude, make a batch script like the last one that makes the computer restart after 10seconds. And add it to startup. That way the user has no time to open anything. The victim's computer will go in loops!! And have the message say "fatal air. Your operating system has crashed due to a file in the middle of your desktop. Your system will now restart." suggested by Gh{o}sT. Put the batch file in the middle of the victim's desktop and hide it. If the victim is smart enough, he or she will boot into safe mode and unhide the file. Haha!
get the shutdown machine (the icon works by itself) and change the pic to the internet icon and rename it "internet explorer". That will be nice if the person has not yet saved something.
DJP4VEP6 years ago
Need help please.... I made a vbScript for a fake virus but i cant work out how to get the system shut down with a timer at the end like in this instructable. Please help. Thanks
I am having the same problem and your solution didn't help.
wenhan_936 years ago
LOL... Normally people dont put shortcuts of My Computer on the desktop. The icon on the desktop is different from the shortcut icon. :)
Hiyadudez6 years ago
haha, good one dude, thanks, i got everyone in my house with it xD
KeviBear7 years ago
Thank you but it still wont work for some reason, when it opens command propt it just goes by really fast and then nothing else comes up.
KeviBear7 years ago
I did something wrong it wont work.