A 3D model created out of planks of foam-boards. This design projects a different word when viewed from different sides, ultimately forming the phrase "GREAT MINDS THINK AlikE". Each letter gradually transforms to another different letter. This idea is generated from a similar concept as the 3D ambigram (as shown in the second picture).

This instructable will guide you step-by-step on how to create a similar model!:)

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Step 1: Tools Required

- Pen knife + Art Knife
- Foam-boards
- School Glue
- Pencil + Ruler
- Immense amount of concentration!

Step 2: Planning

Picture of Planning
Plan the phrase or words you intend to create. Think through how EACH letter is going to transform. For instance, notice how the "T" from "GREAT" gradually transforms to the "H" of "THINK". You must also take note of the word you intend to project from the top view as well. For this case, the word projected from the top view is "AlikE".

Step 3: Mark out and Cut out!

Picture of Mark out and Cut out!
1) Mark the positions of each letter on the foam-board base (preferably black) using a pencil and ruler.

2) Cut out regular pieces of foam-boards that will be forming the letters.

3) Mark out each piece of the foam-boards based on how you have intended for the letter-transformation.

4) Cut out the shapes of the letters using a pen-knife plus art-knife.

Note: It is important that the base of each letter is flat to the ground. Otherwise, you may have slanted letters when you paste them on the foam-board base later.