GSM Based Energy Meter Billing Using Arduino Mega 2560 (Smart Energy Meter)


Introduction: GSM Based Energy Meter Billing Using Arduino Mega 2560 (Smart Energy Meter)

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The present system of energy billing is error prone and also time and labor consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro-mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter reading and error while sometime didn’’t get also . The remedy for this drawback is smart energy meter .

The main objective of the project is to develop a wireless energy meter. The arduino takes the pulse from the energy meter, calculate units and displays the reading on the LCD. The reading is store in built in EEPROM so at the power failure it continues the calculating reading. The reading of the energy meter is also sent to the cell phone of the user by a message through GSM modem.

In this project we also use relay and relay drive so that if arduino fails or stop working , it automatically discontinued power supply to user and we get the information about it.

This project is powered by external power supply takes the ac power and converts it into dc power that is fed to arduino and GSM modem.


1. Single-phase energy meter

2. Arduino MEGA2560 OR UNO

3. GSM module (SIM900A)

4. LCD display

5. Jumper wires


Download Arduino IDE


Now we need to take pulse from energy meter to arduino to calculate pulse. so Soldering a wire at cal led i.e. anode of led and soldering another wire at cathod of led which will be used as negative terminal.

Step 4: Connections

Connect the circuit as shown in fig.

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