This is my very first instructable here, so I hope it will be useful. But At first I want to apologize for my English. My native language is Slovak, so I hope that this instructable will be clear and easy to understand.

Step 1: Introduction

Reason why I did this project was, that I want to eliminate electromagnetic emission in my house. Everybody know that in the world we have lot of artificial sources of electromagnetic radiations which we can’t affect. All we can affect is our own sources, and one of this is wifi routers in our homes. There are a lot of studies which approves or disapproves theory, that wifi radiation is not healthy. And because of this I want to turn off wifi during sleeping time.

So my project is to make something, which will control my home wifi router (wireless functionality). Basically if you want to turn off wifi in router, you need to login into administrative section and disable it and this is annoying. And hardest thing is enable it again, you need to connect to it via cable. So this is much harder way. Also use wifi device like ESP8266 is not the way, because when you don’t have wifi signal, this device is not usable. So my decision was to use GSM module, SIM800L.

awesome! I was thinking about something this a few days go. this will help.
<p>Thanks for sharing :)</p>

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