Introduction: GT Max Bluetooth Headset Hack

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I hate looking like I'm on star trek with my blue tooth headset also the volume was not good enough when in a loud environment like a my car on the freeway so i cracked it open and added this in ear isolating earpiece

Step 1: Earpice

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i cut down the arm on this earpice to give it a lower profile

Step 2: Headset

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just crack open the case and solder in new earpice on this $18 GtMax bluetooth headset from

Step 3: Finish

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all put back together


this is so amazing

tinmankingkinney (author)2011-09-03

Ok, so instructables isn't letting my reply to the comment made by amosko about his issues with the wires. If there is three wires, it most likely means it can be used for "stereo" audio or whatever its called. you just need to to figure out which wire is ground and which wires are for left and right. then instead of using just one earbud you can use two. I'm sure you know everything else from there. Also, I'm sorry if my "drawing" is messy, i just tried drawing something up real quick.

amosko (author)tinmankingkinney2011-09-11

Thank you very much.I had forgotten about this and it's sitting somewhere at the bottom of one of my part drawers. I'll have to fish it out and complete this project!

that is correct

amosko (author)2011-03-29

I had a similar idea with my Jabra VBT185Z (exclusive for Verizon) and went to desolder the old earpiece but there were three wires. A red, black, and blue. Would you know how I would replace this with a regular earbud earpiece like you did?

bassman76jazz (author)amosko2011-09-11

black is the ground and left and right are the red and blue.

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