Picture of GTA Car Kits for 2005 Seinna with NAV.
GTA Car Kid will convert your iPod into a huge CD changer.  You can put your ipod on the center console, or any phone as AUX input into the center console compartment. Audio quality is much better that wired FM modulator, and you have steering control on playlist.

I plan to tuck the GTA module away, behind the bottom draw. So basically I need to rip out the whole center console units.

Tools needed:

GTA Car kit + wiring harness
10 mm socket + extensions
Any flat bar or putty knife
Roto Zip saw.
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Step 1: Remove the side panels

Picture of Remove the side panels
Slip a flat bar or putty knife under the panel & gently pry it out.  Disconnect all plugs from the back & put them away so they wont get scratched.

Most auto wiring plugs have some locking tabs that you need to press down & wiggle ...

Step 2: Remove speaker grill

Picture of Remove speaker grill
For the speaker grill, pry from front to back & remove.

Step 3: Remove the NAV radio

Picture of Remove the NAV radio
Us the 10 mm socket + extension, remove the 4 bolts for the NAV radio.

Step 4: Install GTA wire harness

Picture of Install GTA wire harness
Gently flip your radio upside down & remove the CD controller plug (2nd from right)
Install GTA wire harness splitter to existing jack, then GTA ipod cable to it.   Finally the existing CD controller.

Step 5: Remove center A/C controller module

Picture of Remove center A/C controller module
To make more room, put the van into neutral, turn it off & unscrew the shift knob. 
Remove the 4 bolts for the A/C controller module, and the 2 electrical plugs from the back.

Put this module away also to minimize damages.

Step 6: Remove the shifter console

Picture of Remove the shifter console
Remove the bolt on upper right, then gently pry around the edges until all is loose. 
Unplug the 2 cig lighters & heat control jacks.

Step 7: Cut slot for iPod AUX

Picture of Cut slot for iPod AUX
For other AUX inputs, I wanted a clean look so you can plug in & close the door, soooo:

Using my handy RotoZip saw, I slotted a hole big enough for the GTA headphone AUX cable.  
(size varies, depending on what non-Apple device you want to plug in)

Awesome work, thank you so much for sharing this.