As an introduction, most of this material is not spawned from my brain. It is months of reading and reviewing and testing out and fiddling with all sorts of productivity systems, from classic day planners to getting things done to GsD. After trial running numerous productivity systems, I've finally devolved one suited best to my personality. You may find that this instructable is only your beginning to developing your own system that will be as bulletproof for you as this one is for me. My apologies in advance for any amateurishness or roughness around the edges of this instructable, as it is my first.

Step 1: Materials

Below is a list of the basic materials that one needs to use this system. Generic terms will be used and examples provided, so that you can swap out items and services as you'd like.

>Collection Box(es)
- Email (for all online "stuff" [stuff will be explained in the next step])
- Space for Paper. I use the corner of my desk, whereas others prefer a letter box.
- Moleskine or similar pocketable notebook. This is the most important of the 3, in my opinion.

>Writing Utensil
- I love to use the Uniball Vision elite bold tipped pens, but to each his own. Just make sure its a good solid pen that writes very nice and is comfortable in your hand. you'll be using it quite a bit.

I love Google Calendar, but any program would work. Heck, if your totally against tech, use a paper one. but for the purposes of this instructable, Ill be assuming you're using GCal.

>Filing System
Since I lean more towards digital, I tend to use an e-filing system. but again, if you like paper, get yourself a small filing cabinet and some trusty manila folders.

>Internet Enabled Phone
This is again a personal preference over a more paper based system. Ill explain in greater detail how its used in the coming steps.

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