Picture of GTP USB PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source)
This work includes, GTP USB (not plus or lite) .

The schematic, photos and PCB have been developed by PICMASTERS based on
some valuable works done before.

This programmer supports pic10F, 12F, 16C, 16F, 18F,24Cxx Eeprom.

Unfortunately, it works with only Winpic800 v.355.

We have succesfully tried it with some pics; PIC18F252, 18F2455, 18F2550,
18F2520, 16F84, 16F628 and 24C32 eeprom.

The best and fastest method of pic programming.

All you need (hex file, winpic800, schematic, PCB board in ARES)
are included.

You must program pic18F2550 with hex file by a classical programmer.

Just leave a good fedback for us.
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Step 1: Circuit scheamatic

Picture of circuit scheamatic
circuit schematic. You can see the type and value of the companents.

Step 2: Circuit layout

Picture of circuit layout
Placa_ok copy.tif
Circuit layout.

Step 3: Top layer

Picture of top layer
placa_ZIF_1 copy.tif
top layer lay out.

Step 4: All of the documantries

You can find usb driver, layout of the circuit , all of the pics of the circuit, and hardware setting program

Step 5: Pics

Picture of pics
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SERGIODS1 year ago
Es muy parecido a un diseño que esta en
y el que lo diseño es de cheyo28
MiguelJ1 SERGIODS7 months ago

programar un pic especifico todos los programadores que se utilice con ese pic tendrá
diseños parecidos por la sencilla razón de que ese pic se programa igual en
todos los programadores sus respectivas tensiones en sus pines deben coincidir
para la programación y por ende los circuitos serán similares esto se cumplirá
siempre que la programación sea por el mismo puerto igual en todos ellos

feedel1 year ago

pls where is the hex file

My country is Bangladesh what can i caret pay pal account.
SERGIODS1 year ago
Es muy parecido a un diseño que esta en
y el que lo diseño es de cheyo28
daz76911 year ago
Can not open the file.. tried everything but no joy... can any one supply in eagle cad file please???
Honestly one of the best looking PCBs I've seen. The whole project is just really well built & aesthetically pleasing to look at. This is something I'd want to always have out on the workbench so people can ask about. Job well done. =]
can anyone tell me list of the materials required
dlimzakir2 years ago
plz giveme programing hex
Nitsuku122 years ago
Hi everyone!
Can i ask whats the purpose of 18f2550(replacement 18f4455) in this programmer? which is there is already a 40 pin ZIF socket for programming, i use 16f628. Confusing.. I building my new version of GTP programmer.. so i need some help..
Nitsuku122 years ago
Hi everyone!
Can i ask whats the purpose of 18f2550(replacement 18f4455) in this programmer? which is there is already a 40 pin ZIF socket for programming, i use 16f628. Confusing.. I building my new version of GTP programmer.. so i need some help..
kwest82 years ago
Cartola432 years ago
What is the value of the diodes without reference? Because there is a tantalum capacitor in PCB layout and there? Works on any PC configuration? What cable did you use and what is the one COM port? Congratulations on the project hope to answer me ...
sekar66972 years ago
Hi very nice
pleas i want to ask about the cable in the left side in the picture
what it's job and where it's connected
i'am waiting for your replay
and thank you again
bvv1342 years ago
А кто подскажет , где взять 13,5 вольт? Заранее спасибо.
Z.K.3 years ago
Where is the all_of_thedocumantries.rar file? All I get is a *.tmp file.
pahexa Z.K.3 years ago
rename the file with (.tmp) = (.rar)

gud luck ..
anoukalex3 years ago
Hello! Could someone please tell me what the firmware that works with this programmer? For whoever got from this page will not work.
Send it to me at:
Thank you.
marcosviera3 years ago
Excelente project. I will build it, and post my comments after.
ahmedsobhi3 years ago
comraex3 years ago
Dear Sir,
At first start-up surprise .... (pinul9-ULN2003 = not connected). Design mistake.
Step two: driver GRABADOR TODOPIC-USB is not recognized by Windows XP Professional.
What to do?
You ever work?
There is another design mistake, incorrect component values​​?
There is another USB driver?
Thank you.
Happy Birthday!
D. Sandu
anoukalex3 years ago
Hola! Lamentablemente reitero, ahora en español, el programa HEX que obtuve NO FUNCIONA!!!. No se cual es la trampa. Habrá que pagar para obtenerlo ??? Una lástima, realizé un gasto considerable y una gran pérdida de tiempo. Recomiendo construír el GPIC USB en SITIONICA. Es ARGENTINO y funciona, no se engaña a nadie y si tienes un problema o duda el autor te responde inmediatamente, como debe ser.
devilsnight3 years ago
nice work
rtabanao4 years ago

I successfully built this programmer but wondering why I can't program 18F2455? It can't even identify this chip!

Tested on PIC16F84A,16F628A,18F877, 16F76, 18F4550, 18F/LF452 but everytime I tried working with 18F2455 DEVICE: UNKNOWN is the result...:(
efdat rtabanao3 years ago
since you did it, which is nice 4 u, now i kindly request you 2 pliz post the componets list. Ill be glad thanks nys time ;-)
combat993 years ago
TIGRE5963 years ago

so good!!!
anoukalex3 years ago
Hello! I built this programmer, but not working. When connected to my laptop with Win XP or Win 7 USB ports do not recognize.
The firmware that is loaded in the 18F2550 "GTP_USB.hex." Is it right?
"GTP-USB-MAIN-PCB.LYT" opens with Proteus?
Thank you very much,
al1b3 years ago
in the schematic there are two diodes without any name or values, 8 1n4148 but dunno what are two diodes near the zif board connection...
thx already
efdat3 years ago
please which software do you use?
technicum3 years ago
Does anyone has got a component-list of this project?
Hello guys i am beginner Engineering student, can someone tell me that either it works fine on PIC18f4520 or not because i have an assignment of building the kit circuit and i want to build a usb powered instead of serial port.

Thanks !
Indeed nice work , but what Shani_17pak says, it was nice if you placed the used components on the pcb's so the people don't have to search where to place the components.

But keep up the good work.
piratus3 years ago
where is the composant list ?! thanks ;) !!
shani_17pak4 years ago
nice work! but 1 think i need that you do not provide us that the component pcb layout that which component is solder on which hole. plese send that simple layout so i done my work thanks dear. i need it becuse i am new in this fieald and a hobbiest kindly help me out. bye (
ratgod4 years ago
Does anyone know how the voltage boost configuration works in the schematic, I'm familiar with that configuration working with AC coming in where Vcc is connected and RAx's being ground.
I assume there must be some kind of ripple or pattern generated on the RA0-3 pins.
Any ideas?
daniel aziz4 years ago
hello every body,
thanks for that great programmer I'm in the process of making one of these and yours seams to me very nice there is one problem however my English isn't so good so if you can write the parts names i couldn't find any "tantalum" cap in the schematic so i hop if you can help at this and make a text list ??
Hi Keolerea, I just finished assembling the GTP USB and programmed the 18F2550 via a JDM2 Programmer. I tested it but WINPIC800 did not detect the hardware with a message "Failed to open Ind. #0". I implemented the hardware settings but WINPIC800 cannot saved the settings. Was copying the WINPIC 800 Folder to Program Files and launching it was all I had to do or did I miss a procedure. I also revised the PCB layout such that the final PCB was just a single sided type although a little bigger than the original design.. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day.
Hi Butch_pastor,
I have the same problem youve got , did you manage to sort it out yet?? Please let me know.
I decided to stop further testing of the GTP programmer and has been successfully been using the USBPICProg of Frans Schreuder. You can check out this programmer at
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