in this instructable i will teach you how to make a free kill-switch just like bucket head!! definition of kill switch the real definition of a kill switch is a button that cuts off the sound thats traveling through the pickups well this is the exact opposite it makes the sounds when you push a button!!! oh yeah this is the safest way on instructable's right now this does not involve you taken apart any thing or buying any thing thats why its absolutely positively free. (this involves a technique in d-pad strumming)

Step 1: SUPPLIES!!!

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1. a guitar hero guitar (this only works for xbox 360).
2. a xbox 360
3. a copy of guitar hero 3 for xbox 360
4. some patience.
this makes no sense i see no kill switch
This is basically four steps to tell you to strum the guitar with the directional pad instead of the strum bar; something that's already in the instruction manual. Guitar Hero 3 even has two achievements that require this, so it's widely known.
Th3H4rRy6 years ago
I have absolutely no idea what this instructable is about, Where is this Switch?
j1a1m1e1s (author)  Th3H4rRy6 years ago
its the directional pad on xbox 360 guitars
ummm... okay?
monterto6 years ago
So your instructable is to play the game? I'm confused.
j1a1m1e1s (author)  monterto6 years ago
no its pretty much showing you how to d-pad strum if you want i can post a video for more help.