Gadorade Bottle Compressed Air Gun Prank





Introduction: Gadorade Bottle Compressed Air Gun Prank

This is an extremely simple compressed air gadorade gun that can shoot a bottle cap 75+ feet. This project can be a fun and easy air cannon or a great prank that you can play on a friend. All that is required for this project is a gadorade bottle w/ cap, a air compressor/pump, and a ice pick or knife.

This gun makes a loud pop when fired and will surprise anyone nearby.
Depending on the air pressure this gun can be a safe prank or a powerful air gun that is dangerous. A safe pressure to play a prank would be anywhere from 10-20 psi, but as a gun this should be fired at NO greater then 45 psi . At 70 psi or greater you are in danger of having the bottle explode and that would not be very pleasant.

This is a really fun project and the videos don't due it justice.
You really have to try it out to understand, and besides it is free and easy!

Step 1: The Hole

First you take your ice pick (or any other sharp metal object) and heat the tip on the stove. When it is hot enough to melt plastic take it off and quickly poke a small hole in to the bottle at the place where your pointer finger naturally rests. This hole should be no bigger then the size of the ball pump needle you use to fill it.

Step 2: Fill It With Liquid

Now just fill up the bottle with gadorade or what ever drink you want no higher then the hole.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up

All you do now is stick your air pump needle into the small hole you made (it should be snug) and fill it until the pressure gauge reads about 10-20 psi for your prank or higher for your gun. When it reaches the point you wish pull out the needle and quickly put your finger over the hole. Let your hand fall naturally into position and your ready for your prank.

Step 4: Executing the Prank / Firing the Gun

For a great prank you need to be calm and nonchalant. Casually walk up to a friend (or enemy) and engage in a conversation. When he is focused on you look down at your bottle as if you were going to take a drink. At this time take your pointer finger and thumb and wrap them around the lid leaving an opening for the lid to shoot through. Hold tight and quickly twist the lid and the bottle at the same time to open the lid and let it pop off with a terrific boom. At this time if you can keep your composure you could start trying to explain the phenomena of the exploding gadorade bottle and how under certain conditions (Use you imagination) the gadorade turns to gas and pressurizes inside its container making the lid pop off. If you can think of something better then that then try it out and make it a real great prank.

Warning! This gun fires its cap at high velocities and can hurt someone or break something if you are not careful. This prank is best performed outside. At 30 psi this thing put a big dent in a soda can knocking it across the yard, but a fort five psi what ever you are shooting at could be destroyed (including glass).
Have fun and be careful.

Thanks for reading.



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    u r pumping air in a bottle...then pretty much make it fart on someone and piss them off... : (

    lol, imagine if a nuclear blast really happened because of a cap popping out.

    Hey this is pretty cool and i have an idea on how to keep the air in without pressing your finger to it all the time. you just air it up and then quickly put a piece of tape over the whole for a temporary seal and then you melt some plastic on the stove so that you have liquid burning hot plastic and you pour that over the tape and it makes an air tight seal when it dries. somebody try this out and tell me how it works =)

    The water isn't nececarry. Water doesn't like to compress, so basically you just have less volume of air in there to compress.

    You are correct! The water was just my cheap imitation of Gatorade to be used in the prank!


    gatorade tastes like water

    Or does water taste like gatorade? Chicken or the egg my friend, chicken or the egg.

    Chicken came first, the egg might not have hatched into a chicken, it could not be fertilized.

    Ah, but what did the chicken hatch from?