Borderlands 2: Gaige's Class Mod Lunch Box





Introduction: Borderlands 2: Gaige's Class Mod Lunch Box

My friend and I are going to this years Anime North as Gaige and Kreig. I thought I would share my process on creating her lunchbox.

Step 1: Sand and Prime

I started off by sanding each side then priming it with latex primer.

Step 2:

Trace around the top lid of the box and make your rough pattern of your chosen design. Lightly add color as a guide for when you are really going to paint it.

Step 3: Paint

I wanted to start off with a layer of distressed red for some added detail. Two coats of burgundy paint, then used a stencil brush with black to distress it (using the dry brush technique) then lightly coated it with silver. After that, I cut out some strips of paper and made a cross cross pattern on the lid. I then painted overtop of the lid with Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple in their respective triangle. Once this was dry, I painted claptrap.

Step 4: Finish

After that, a matte sealer is recommended, you don't want the paint to flake when you are running around the borderlands.



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This is absolutely wonderful. I plan to cosplay as Gaige and this will be super helpful. I'll try to remember to post pictures after I make one!