This has worked in the two schools i have gone too in australia.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Laptop or Pc Has a New Account to Log Into

Warning: this inscrutable will only work on laptops with a wifi button or switch....

You will need a school account that has never logged on to the device before and type it into the login screen.
When you press wait about 1 second then press the wifi switch on i laptop or unplug the ethernet cable for pc's.
This will prevent the account to receive any restrictions and allow full access.

Step 2: Change Local Admins Password

Now go to user accounts and press "Manage user accounts"
you will receive a list of the accounts on the pop up an you can from there press on the local admin account and press reset password at the bottom

Step 3: Do What Ever You Want!

Thank you i hoped this helped.... Comment if it did!

WARNING: I am not responsible for anything that you do with this instructable

This isn't very useful in many cases due to the fact that gaining admin in most cases apply to used laptops, I'd recommend exploiting the sethc.exe vulnerability, which is a sure fire way of gaining admin on any machine using windows, we should thank Microsoft for making it too easy
<p>Thanks for sharing! It's always good to know how others can access your information so that you can know how to protect yourself! </p>

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